The Andalusian PP renews its list heads with integration

The Andalusian PP renews its list heads with integration

The Andalusian PP will face the upcoming regional elections with a profound renewal of its list heads and with integration, as there will be supporters of the three main streams that were presented in the past primaries nationwide, Efe popular sources have reported.

The negotiations of the number one are practically closed, although on the eve of the act of presentation there are some provinces that are still debated.

Juanma Moreno will again lead the list for Malaga and former Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido will do it in Seville, replacing Juan Bueno.

Former Secretary of State José Antonio Nieto will go through Córdoba relieving Rosario Alarcón and the secretary general of PP-A, Dolores López, will do it for Huelva in the place that Manuel Andrés González occupied.

The mayor of Vejer and secretary of the PP in the Senate, José Ortiz, will head up in Cádiz to replace Ana Mestre. Ortiz will have to leave the Mayor's office when he enters the Parliament by the law of Andalusian incompatibilities.

In addition, Marifran Carazo is expected to be number one in Granada to replace Carlos Rojas; Senator Maribel Sánchez for Almería instead of the current parliamentary spokeswoman, Carmen Crespo; and Deputy Secretary Maribel Lozano for Jaén, where Miguel Ángel García Anguita was in 2015.

Zoido, Nieto and Maribel Sánchez first supported Cospedal and then Casado in the primaries, while Ortiz did so from the beginning of the process.

Juanma Moreno, Dolores López, Carazo and Maribel Lozano supported Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, as well as other leaders of the first level in the PP-A who now fall from the headliner, such as Carmen Crespo and Ana Mestre.

The eight numbers one will be presented tomorrow by Pablo Casado and Juanma Moreno at an event in Granada.


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