The Andalusian Parliament opens on Thursday the XI Legislature, marked by the relay of the PSOE in the Board and the entry of Vox

The Andalusian Parliament opens on Thursday the XI Legislature, marked by the relay of the PSOE in the Board and the entry of Vox

The constitutive session will start at 12.00 hours, as established by the decree of the president of the Board of October 8, dissolution of the Chamber and call for elections. Thus, the session will begin with the composition of the so-called Age Bureau, formed by the oldest deputy, who will serve as president, and the two youngest, as secretaries.

Specifically, the Socialist deputy elected by the district of Malaga Maria Luisa Bustinduy will chair the Bureau of Age, while act as secretaries the elected parliamentarian of PSOE-A by Huelva María Márquez and the elected deputy of PP-A for the constituency of Granada Rafael Francisco Caracuel.

This Thursday will be when it is resolved who will occupy the seven seats that have the Bureau of the Parliament, the Presidency, three vice-presidencies and three secretariats, for which the PP-A and Cs have closed an agreement whereby they propose that all groups are represented in that body, and that implies that the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía would fall to the leader of PP-A, Juanma Moreno, while the Presidency of the Chamber would go to the orange training, which has not yet revealed who would occupy responsibility. However, this approach is subject to one of the other three forces – PSOE-A, Adelante Andalucía and Vox – allowing this agreement with their votes or their abstention.

The members of the Bureau are elected in successive votes: first the president is voted, then voting to see who will occupy the three vice presidencies, and vote again to decide who will occupy the three secretariats. All the parliamentary groups can present candidacy to the aforementioned posts.

In the case of the Presidency, the person who obtains an absolute majority in a first ballot, or a simple majority in a second ballot to which only the two most voted in the first one would concur, will be elected. In the case of vice-presidencies and secretariats, those who, in correlative order, obtain the largest number of votes will be elected.

So things, PP-A and Cs closed on Wednesday a proposal that states that all parliamentary groups are represented in the Bureau, so that the seven positions of this body would be distributed with the Presidency of Cs, the three vice chairs for PSOE-A, PP-A and Adelante Andalucía, while the three secretariats would be occupied by PSOE-A, PP-A and Vox. Thus, Cs would cede one of the positions that would correspond according to the results of 2D to the confluence of Podemos and IU.

At the expense of the position adopted by Adelante Andalucía, the leader of Cs, Juan Marín, explained that the other option if they do not support this approach would leave them outside the governing body of the Parliament. The leader of the orange party does not want this option and prefers that there be agreement in the next hours so that the plurality will be fulfilled that the Andalusians have expressed in the ballot boxes, so that all the forces are represented with voice and vote in the Table .

As for Vox, the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, met Wednesday with counterpart in this match, Javier Ortega Smith, in Seville to explain the programmatic agreement that his training has reached with Cs, while they addressed the composition end of the Parliament's Bureau.

Meanwhile, once the Bureau of the Parliament is constituted in the session of this Thursday, the deputies will make before the Plenary the oath or promise to abide by the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia.

The regulation of the constitutive session is found in the Preliminary Title, articles 1 to 4, and the election of the members of the Board in Title Three, First Chapter, Second Section, articles 33 to 37 of the Rules of the Chamber.


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