May 30, 2020

The Andalusian budget rises 450 million in Health and 230 in Education

The Andalusian budget bill approved this Friday by the Government Council includes an increase of 450 million in Health, 230 million in Education and 35 million more for dependency, within the global amount of 38,539 million for next year's accounts.

The Andalusian Government expects GDP growth to increase by 1.9 percent, a pace similar to that of the Spanish average.

In addition, the budget will strengthen control in the public sector and each council will have to develop an individualized adjustment plan for the attached instrumental entities that are in a situation of financial economic imbalance, said the spokesman of the Executive, Elías Bendodo, at a breakfast informative.

The Minister of the Presidency has also assured that the Andalusian Government has "vocation" to accept the suggestions "of all parties" that are "interesting", since he believes that it is an obligation "to add wills, to agree and to negotiate".

Bendodo does not believe that the electoral call affects the negotiation of Vox, since he recalled that the polls "do not hurt" this training, which has linked to the support he is giving to the regional government.

"We are going to sit with Vox, but be careful, with Podemos too and with the PSOE too," said Bendodo, who has guaranteed that the three groups will be accepted again.

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