June 21, 2021

The Andalusian baker who won a EuroMillions gets another 45 million investing during the Covid-19




Fortune smiles on him. He has not stopped doing it since he had a whopping 121 million pesetas in a EuroMillions draw. It was in 2011 and then I was 36 years old. Is called Francisco Manuel Delgado placeholder image It is from Seville and now another 45 million has been pocketed by investing in the stock market during the pandemic.

Your case is an example of how luck can touch several times at your door if you know what to do with the immense capital that you treasure. And is that the life of this humble baker, which ran a business in the Seville town of Pilas, made a 180º turn as a result of being awarded the Euromillions.

He does not waste, not in vain he knows more than what it costs to earn money since for years he got up at two in the morning to make bread. For this reason, during this time she has dedicated herself to investing. It moves in the stock markets with such ease that even banks like the Santander in Spain or JP Morgan in the United States, They count on him to invest their money.

Now the 45 million that has been pocketed has been through Variable Capital Companies (Sicavs) in which it participates. These are a type of company dedicated to investing in the stock market. They do not generate another business and anyone with sufficient capital to buy shares can intervene in it, as Francisco did. By participating in it, the economic returns that are produced affect you according to the invested capital. That is, you can earn more than what has been paid for a share or you can lose everything, as reported by El Ideal.

Discreet and familiar

This is not the case with this baker who closed his establishment in 2011 and spent some time traveling. Then, on the way back, he set out to make a profit on his money, not to have it stopped. And live from it, to horse between Seville and Madrid. His investments, spread over different financial products, are always very conservative because, as “he is already rich”, You don’t need to take risks to increase your wealth.

Has helped his family, how could it be otherwise. To her parents and three sisters, with two of whom they collaborate with financial products in which she maintains 90 million euros, according to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

«Francis», as his environment knows him, He is a staunch Betic and has properties in Miami (United States), Madrid and Seville, reported Efe in his day, according to sources in his environment. Those who know him describe him as a serious person, jealous of his private life and without any desire for notoriety.

With the earnings he obtains, he fulfills one of his dreams that he has been able to make a reality for a long time: to travel. Lucky you are.

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