The Ana Rosa Program

Ana Rosa Quintana talks about the controversial "war" between the morning and afternoon bands of Telecinco. Or what is the same, between this presenter and Carlota Corredera or enter The program Ana Rosa and Save me or between the producers Unicorn and the TV Factory. His excessive zeal and protection with Dew Flowers has been the germ of rumors.

"Rocío Flores deserves that we help her against those who want to sink her"

About the signing of Rocío Flores to comment Survivors 2021 He clarified that it took place long before the documentary was broadcast, when there was still no glimpse of the success and repercussions that Carlota Corredera's program would have: "she is a young girl who is having a terrible moment in her life."

Ana Rosa Quintana defended Dew Flowers despite his disagreements with the daughter of Antonio David Flores during the last broadcasts of his program: "He has shown that he has great strength, I don't know if we could have endured what he is enduring at his age."

"She deserves that we help her against those who want to sink her. There is no right to want to sink a 24-year-old girl. Nobody has the right to that", he added.

Why did they stop talking about the documentary?

One of the great doubts of the audience was why El program de Ana Rosa stopped talking about Rocío, telling the truth to stay alive in his final weeks. Something that even led to Carlota Corredera will drop into your space that "Those who overnight have decided not to talk about it."

Ana Rosa Quintana responds: "We were there for two months and we dedicated more than 10 hours to it, but each program has its objectives and rundown," he clarified. .

The presenter confessed that The documentary series became very long and he claimed that "he does not understand that what he has to think is imposed on anyone", in clear allusion to the Vigo presenter.


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