July 29, 2021

The amulet of Vinicius | sports

The amulet of Vinicius | sports

The best player

Luck is the most destabilizing player that football has and provokes crazy misunderstandings. There are players who win the lottery and believe that it is on their own merits. Vinicius, for example, hit a shot in front of Valladolid that went directly to the Tower Europe, which is crossing the Castellana, but after hitting a defender, the shot in the air hit the target. Goal! He shouted it as if it were a prodigy of his and not of chance, and infected the fans, who really want to believe in something. At that point, Vinicius was an amulet, that spiritual force that arrives where the game does not arrive. We always find the name of a player to take charge of luck. Bad luck, on the other hand, has the name of coach: Lopetegui, without going further.

Abnormal registration

Merit is in the game, not in the result. Juve passed over Manchester and, however, lost. Juve, who has ruled the Scudetto for seven seasons with an iron hand, has a fixed idea: Europe. A general is not registered as a Christian to conquer conquered land. An economic effort of this magnitude by a 33-year-old player declares the intention of aiming the cannons at the Champions immediately. Cristiano does not have time to take it easy and was never characterized by his patience. His is not only goal, it is a player who has in his power the soul of the people. Its mere presence generates a climate of ambition that puts the whole club in another dimension. All that demand falls on his shoulders, which would frighten any normal type. But who would think to think, at this point, that Christian is normal?

Who will lose?

Argentina is a country collapsed by a Boca-River without precedents. For the first time they play a Copa Libertadores Final and, until it is defined, everything else can wait. Paraphrasing Marechal in Megaphone and war, "There will be an indefinable tension in the grandstands, like the atmosphere one minute before the hurricane." A million people would pay the entrance if possible. The words are over. You can not say more exaggerated things. As for the emotions, if they could be measured they would break any seismograph. Psychologists try to relieve the tension of the players, the fans do not sleep, the cardiologists give advice … The depressing thing is that this extraordinary energy has little ethical entity. It is about not losing before winning because, for a long time, in Argentine football, the humiliation of the opponent is more important than the satisfaction of one's own. Having said that, I do not see the time for it to start … Let's see if they both lose, that I'm Racing.

Football or team?

Since we are, who do you want more, football or your team? Is not the same. It is like the difference between loving humanity or loving the country. There are more patriots than philanthropists, because we need to limit ourselves to identify ourselves and because emotions increasingly send more. In Argentina, the love of the teams has put the game in a secondary place. The players last little, the managers do not have credibility, the stadiums are decadent … There are the fans, who defend the identity of the clubs with love and violence. They ask the players to show loyalty that goes more for courage than for talent, and that has conditioned training and professional football. To make it more graphic: ball or shield? The ball wants to play, the shield just wants to win.

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