The amount of unredeemed pesetas drops to 1,609 million in December

The amount of the notes and coins in pesetas that still remains to be withdrawn dropped to 1,609 million in December, 18 years after the peseta was replaced by the euro as legal tender.

That amount was 1,610 million euros in November and 1,611 million in October, so the amount of pesetas decreases slowly if one takes into account that the Bank of Spain will stop exchanging them for euros later this year.

Specifically, the amount of the bills that has not yet been exchanged is 818 million euros, just 1.77% of the total in circulation (46,228 million) a little before the physical introduction of the euro in 2002, and that of The currencies stood at 791 million euros, 32% of the amount in circulation on that date (2,522 million).

The number of 500 euro notes in circulation remains stable in December compared to the previous month and stands at 22 million, equivalent to 11,000 million euros, according to the Bank of Spain.

Yes, there is a pronounced fall compared to the same month of 2018, when there were 31 million bills in circulation, equivalent to 15,500 million euros.

Tickets of this amount are not manufactured since the end of 2018 to prevent them from being used in criminal activities, although they are kept as a form of legal payment and can continue to be used as cash.

As for the 200-euro banknotes, five million have been kept in the same amount as the previous month, worth 1,000 million euros, while the Bank of Spain has withdrawn 96 million banknotes of 100 euros, equivalent to 9.6 billion euros.

On the contrary, there are 1,099 million banknotes of 50 euros or 54,950 million euros in circulation, while the agency has withdrawn 2,048 million banknotes of 20 euros, equivalent to 40,960 million euros, and 1,489 million banknotes of 10 euros, or 14,890 million euros.

The amount of five-euro banknotes, meanwhile, has decreased by 198 million tickets, equivalent to 990 million euros.


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