June 23, 2021

The Americans who reported a violation on New Year’s Eve would have invented it to collect insurance – La Provincia

The three American sisters allegedly sexually assaulted last New Year’s Eve in Murcia would have incurred alleged contradictions and “inconsistencies”, according to the order of previous proceedings.

It should be remembered that the three girls denounced the facts in New Year, at police headquarters, in which it was stated that they were sexually assaulted in two different houses, in Murcia capital. Specifically, one of them went to his home in the company of one of the arrested; while the other two went to the detainees’ house.

One of the victims He was in Murcia studying at the end of 2019 and his two sisters moved to visit the city for a few days. After the events, the three undertook a trip through Europe that they planned to execute. The arrested, meanwhile, are Afghan nationality students and between the ages of 20 and 28 and two of them are granted political asylum.

Specifically, the three whistleblowers they would have incurred a “multitude of inconsistencies and contradictions” that would have been detected by the holder of the Court of Instruction number 9 of Murcia, who agreed to release the three defendants.

The magistrate’s car reports that the three young women they would have reported suffering the first attacks in a pub in Murcia, being pushed into a dark area by pushing and being grabbed by the arm, suffering touches and unauthorized kisses. However, they did not ask for help from other clients or employees of the premises, but instead left with the alleged aggressors, one of them to his home and the other two, to another house.

All of it “It contradicts the attitude of a person who claims to have been the victim of non-consensual sexual abuse and then leaves with the alleged aggressors“, highlights the order, which considers the story” partially incoherent “and” in need of further clarification. “

Also, the three young people they would have met, after the alleged aggression, with the three alleged rapists in the house of one of them without asking for help once again and without bringing the facts to each other, once they had left the situation of “helplessness” . At that time, in addition, one of them would have entered the bedroom with one of the alleged aggressors.

Finally, the three alleged victims would have accompanied the three alleged aggressors to the bus station where, according to the complaint, one of them would have again assaulted one of the sisters. On the other hand, lawyer Melecio Castaño, in charge of the defense of the three defendants, reports that the security cameras would have captured a “cordial” farewell in which photos would have been taken and exchanged phones.

Further, the three sisters would have continued their trip through Europe and would not have met the judicial requirement not to leave the country in order to be available to Justice and collaborate in the cause.

For all this, the lawyer Melecio Castaño, in charge of the defense of the three defendants, has assured that his intention is ask for the cause file Y accuse the three young women of filing a false complaint.


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