January 15, 2021

The ambassador of Ukraine denies that he has opposed a monument to Frankó in Madrid

The ambassador of Ukraine denies that he has opposed a monument to Frankó in Madrid

The ambassador of Ukraine in Spain, Anatoly Scherba, categorically denies that he has opposed placing a monument to the Ukrainian writer Iván Frankó in Madrid. In a letter sent to LA RAZÓN, Scherba denies in this way the information published in our newspaper on February 18, entitled, "The monument to" Franco "that Madrid sees with good eyes … but the Ukrainian ambassador rejects". "Everything about my alleged opposition to the monument to Ivan Frankó project is flagrant lie," he says.

The Ukrainian diplomat explains in his letter that from the embassy has studied with the City Council of the capital the possibility of paying tribute to some Ukrainian personalities such as Tarás Shevchenko, Iván Frankó and Lesya Ukrainka by giving their names to some streets of the city. This is the case of the agreement of the Consistory and the Municipal Board of the district of Hortaleza, in which it was approved to give the name of the classical poet Lesya Ukrainka to a square next to the Ukrainian embassy in Spain. On this subject, the ambassador points out that during the study of these possible tributes from the diplomatic legation "never" it was attempted to obstruct the idea of ​​a monument to the thinker and writer Iván Frankó. Moreover, Scherba explains that the decision to place monuments in a State is not the decision of a foreign country, but is the responsibility of the relevant authorities of the State.

The ambassador of Ukraine also points out that the majority of the members of the Ukrainian community in Spain, which is made up of more than 100,000 people, and himself, has welcomed the decision to grant a place to Ukrainka and would be enthusiastic about to be able to pay homage to other famous Ukrainians such as Tarás Shevchenko or Iván Frankó, both in Madrid and in other cities in Spain.


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