The ambassador of Spain in Caracas defends Zapatero's work in Venezuela and asks for "respect and consideration"

The ambassador of Spain in Caracas defends Zapatero's work in Venezuela and asks for "respect and consideration"

In an interview with the Venezuelan radio station Onda La Superestación, the Spanish diplomat insisted that the Embassy is always available to Zapatero to "provide him with all the necessary logistical support." "He has worked very hard for Venezuela and this has to be acknowledged, he has no obligation to deal with Venezuela and he has done so, I think he has contributed positively and worked hard for the release of political prisoners," he stressed.

In this regard, he indicated that the former president "has contributed to mediation, to approach positions with the Government, especially at a time when the parties were not talking."

"I witnessed shortly after arriving that the first negotiations were at the Embassy of Spain, at that time they were secret but he mediated between two parties that were not used to being face to face," he said.

On the continuation of the work of the former president, Silva pointed out that his role "depends on the parties" and that "if at any moment does not inspire confidence in both parties, it will be difficult for him to continue his work".

"It is legitimate that there is a part of the opposition that does not feel represented or does not want it as a mediator, but I do not think that is why you have to demonize anyone." There are no people, neither good nor bad, a man who has tried to help ( ...) and that deserves a respect, "he stressed.


In relation to the deep crisis that Venezuela is going through, the ambassador has insisted on the importance of building bridges. "The polarized positions only lead to a castling and I think that we must build bridges." In all areas of society, such as economic, the important thing is that somehow an agreement is reached where all the sectors that have something to contribute can be fully developed The role of the private sector is essential. "

"Democracy consists of that: that the laws are fulfilled regardless of the person," he added.

Also, he said that "there is much talk of the division of the opposition" and has asserted that "nothing happens to think different but you have to respect the opinion of the other." "This is something that in Venezuelan society is difficult to accept," he lamented.

"One of the problems of political coexistence in Venezuela is the lack of confidence and I believe that it is the indispensable requirement to reach agreements and negotiate and that is only won with gestures," he said.

In this line, Silva has argued that the "legitimate right to invest in Spain has been used to launder money of criminal origin." "Money laundering is a crime that is very persecuted and international coordination is increasing (...) Illegal money is increasingly difficult to hide and the culprits end up having to pay. they are carried out in Venezuela or any other place, including Spain, in the end they are persecuted, "he explained.


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