The ambassador of Spain highlights the social, business and cultural relationship with Chile

The ambassador of Spain highlights the social, business and cultural relationship with Chile

The new ambassador of Spain in Chile, Enrique Ojeda, today highlighted the role played by companies, culture and around 70,000 Spaniards residing in the southern country so that both nations maintain a "very strong" relationship.

Speaking to Efe as part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Day, Ojeda, appointed ambassador to Chile on August 31, said he arrives in the southern country to "contribute his bit" to continue strengthening the existing bilateral link.

"They are very strong relationships at all levels," said Ojeda, who led his first public event in the country at his ambassador's residence in Santiago de Chile.

"At a political level and at a social and human level, with around 70,000 Spaniards residing in Chile, and at the business, commercial and investment levels," the diplomat continued.

Ojeda noted that there are some 700 Spanish companies in Chile that generate around 140,000 jobs and that Spain is the second largest investor in the country.

The ambassador commented that the companies give a "huge vitality" to the bilateral relationship and that in this also plays an important role the "legal security offered by the Chilean State."

"Today, a report has emerged that places Chile as the first country in competitiveness in Latin America, which makes Spanish companies very comfortable here in Chile, they are companies that are in all sectors, betting on innovation, development and the progress of this country and this society, "said Ojeda.

The diplomat also stressed the cultural and artistic relationship between the two countries and recalled that in 2020 the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the Earth in history will be commemorated, carried out by Fernando de Magallanes and Sebasti√°n Elcano, at the service of the Spanish crown, after passing through the now known as Strait of Magellan, in the south of Chile.

"It is a common, common historical fact of Spain and Chile, that we are going to commemorate not only for the historical and symbolic part, but also that it will serve us to reflect, just as then on the opening towards Asia and the Pacific, on the new globalization ", commented Ojeda.

Also, in his speech before all the guests to celebrate Hispanidad Day, he mentioned the bridge between the cultures of both countries that the Cultural Center of Spain has in Chile, which this year will be 25 years old.

In this speech, Ojeda recalled that in six weeks will be the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, which articulates a "social, democratic and law" whose higher values, "freedom, justice, equality and political pluralism" continue current, he said.

As it continues in force, continued Ojeda, "the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation that establishes article 2 of that constitution", which reminds us that "it is the common homeland, indivisible of all Spaniards".

Enrique Ojeda Vila (1968) was until now ambassador in Bolivia, position for which he was appointed in July 2017.

Law graduate and member of the Diplomatic Career since 1994, he has also been assigned to the Spanish diplomatic representations of Guatemala, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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