The ambassador of Palestine in Uruguay asks to take the Palestinian cause back to the UN

The ambassador of Palestine in Uruguay asks to take the Palestinian cause back to the UN

The Ambassador of Palestine in Uruguay, Walid Abdel Rahim, said today he wants to "return the Palestinian cause to the United Nations (UN), where he was born" and demanded Great Britain to ask for "forgiveness for the crime they committed in supporting the expulsion of the Palestinians and turn them into a refugee village. "

The ambassador, the first in the South American country after the recognition by the Mujica government of the Palestinian state in 2011, also criticized the historic Resolution of Partition of Palestine, which, in 1947, approved the UN, then under a British mandate, for which it was divided into two States: one Jewish and one Arab.

"An injustice committed by the international community," he said, on what he considered "a plan outlined" in advance "to give way to the Jewish problem in Europe."

In that sense, the diplomat called an international conference to resolve the conflict and assessed, in such a case, that the United States would not be "fit to negotiate", following the decision of its president, Donald Trump, to move the US embassy to Tel. Aviv to Jerusalem, which, in his opinion, evidences that it is "a total ally" of Israel.

On the other hand, the Palestinian representative questioned that "many great men" defend human rights, but that "when it comes to Palestine they can not talk".

"Why will it be?" He asked during a ceremony held at the headquarters of the main Uruguayan trade union center, the PIT-CNT, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

He also urged "all countries to a solution to this problem" and reaffirmed that his nation agrees "with the option of peace and with what is proposed by the United Nations," although the Palestinian people will not "stop resisting the dream of an independent Palestinian State materializes, "adding that" there will be no peace or security in the Middle East until that issue is resolved. "

"In the dictionary of our people there is no surrender, it is our right and we will defend it until the last Palestinian who lives", he affirmed and added that if his people "had forgotten their cause a little more, Palestine would not exist".

For Abdel Rahim, "Israel's aim is not to achieve peace, but to expel and eliminate the Palestinian people in any way."

"The thieves never feel calm," he concluded.


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