Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The ambassador in Chile says that China does not have companies that want to spy

The ambassador in Chile says that China does not have companies that want to spy

China's ambassador to Chile, Xu Bu, said on Sunday that his nation does not have companies that want to spy, that they are reliable and denied that corrosive investment is allowed to flow in response to accusations made by the US secretary of state. . Mike Pompeo, during his visit to the Chilean capital.

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Speaking to the newspaper La Tercera, the diplomat recalled that despite the visit of Pompeo, there is a good relationship with Chile, using as an example that on April 24 President Sebastián Piñera will visit China with the highest representatives of Congress.

On the phrases in which Pompeo accused a "corrosive" Chinese investment, which gives spaces to "corruption", Xu Bu emphasized that "this accusation is absurd".

"The economic and trade cooperation between China and Chile has brought tangible benefits to the development of the Chilean economy," he stressed to emphasize that Chile's foreign policy is valuable and that it will continue to forge ties with the Asian nation.

The Chinese ambassador said that "the US does not make specific contributions to the economic development of Latin American countries, but accuses China of its economic and commercial cooperation with Latin America and Chinese investment in the region." Mr. Pompeo is hypocritical " , he stressed.

For XU BU, the United States is not an honest partner: "Pompeo affirms that the US is a reliable partner in Latin America, and I suppose that it underestimates the memory of Latin Americans." Historically, the United States has treated Latin America as its 'backyard', imposing frequent military interventions or sanctions, "he added.

On the allegations of Huawei's alleged espionage, the ambassador said that "Pompeo's accusation that Huawei is under the control of the Chinese government" is a malicious lie. "

"They are nothing more than an attempt to stifle the legitimate operation of China's high-tech companies under the pretext of security," the diplomat added.

The statements of the American Pompeo were made on Friday at a conference held with politicians and authorities, before leaving Chile.


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