The Amazon concentrates 75% of deforestation in Colombia, according to a report

The Amazon concentrates 75% of deforestation in Colombia, followed by the Andean region with 9%, reported Saturday the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam).

According to the bulletin 17 of early detections of deforestation, which collects data from the fourth quarter of last year (October-December), "the Amazon concentrates five of the six nuclei of early detection of national deforestation", while the other is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the Caribbean.

The information added that, by departments, the most affected are Caquetá (45.9%), Meta (13.1%) and Guaviare (9.8%), all in the south of the country.

By municipalities, those that "concentrate the highest proportions of early detections of deforestation" are Cartagena del Chairá (Caquetá), with 17.7%; San Vicente del Caguán (Caquetá), with 16.9%; Solano (Caquetá), with 10.7%; Puerto Guzmán (Putumayo), with 5.6%, and San José del Guaviare (Guaviare), with 4.4%.

"With the use of medium and high resolution (satellite) images, 3,875 early detections of deforestation (with known coordinates) were identified at the departmental, municipal and rural levels," the Ideam explained.

19% of the detections were found in areas of the National System of Protected Areas (Sinap), the most affected being the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Tingüa, Serranía de Chiribiqueta and La Macarena natural parks.

On the other hand, the report details that there were detections of deforestation in the Pacific region, most of them in Alto Baudó, in the department of Chocó (east); in Timbiquí, Cauca, and El Charco, located in Nariño, border region with Ecuador.

"The annual persistence analysis identified areas of 2,500 square meters in 34 municipalities in nine of the 32 departments, where at least one early detection of deforestation was identified for each quarter," the report added.

The report received financial support from the Vision Amazonía program, the Corazón de la Amazonia project and the Forests2020 initiative.

Last December, the Attorney General's Office asked the government to adopt "urgent measures" and create a public policy to stop deforestation in the country in the face of "serious environmental problems," especially in the Amazon.


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