July 12, 2020

The amazing confession of an aspiring Masterchef Celebrity: "I love you" – La Provincia

Almost no one disputes thatMasterchef CelebrityIt is one of the programs of the moment. And not only because of the audience data that prove it. Also for the impact that once outside this format have the celebrities who go to the most famous kitchens of television.The experience for these characters is so intense that important friendship relationships are formed. And they tell Vicky Martín Berrocal. The businesswoman was last week one of the aspiring Masterchef who was most impressed with the departure of the program of her friend Ana Milan. So much so that he even dedicated a tender message that did not go unnoticed in social networks.

"Wife, the jelly and I are going to miss you very much. Ana Milan you are very true, very friendly and great companion. I love you and I want you to know that she was from the first day my winner," said the still aspiring in a photography posted on their social networks. The most curious of all is that this is not an isolated feeling, much less.The fact that Milan, expelled only a few days ago while rethinking Ana Obregón, was the favorite of his companions, is also shared by other ex-aspirants of public chain kitchens like Elena Furiase."You were my winner," he also sentenced on his social networks once the program in which Milan had been expelled was broadcast.

And it is that Milan has left a very large gap in the program. In factIf social networks are analyzed, it may be that their exit from the Masterchef kitchen was one of the most painfulof viewers in recent years.

Those on the other side of the small screen took advantage of these days to share images of the actress and even WhatsApp conversations with which they showed how sorry they felt with her departure. "Nothing will be the same," some summarized.

The truth is that Masterchef Celebrity gives many celebrities the opportunity to meet nationally. People like Saúl Craviotto who are well known in a certain area such as the Olympic or sports worldthey make the leap to the general public thanks to their cooking skills and their personality and get more than deserved famein one of the most valued television programs in recent years, which this time still has several weeks of broadcast.


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