May 17, 2021

The amateur who attacked Boca bus will only serve 180 days of community work | sports

The amateur who attacked Boca bus will only serve 180 days of community work | sports

Argentine Justice has freed Matías Sebastián Nicolás Firpo, River Plate supporter accused of attack the Boca Juniors bus the day he was going to play the return of the final of the Copa Libertadores, after sentencing him to two years and four months in prison he will not have to comply, being less than three. According to judicial sources, the ruling was issued after an "abbreviated trial" in which it was agreed that the culprit must also respect "certain rules of conduct" for his actions on November 24 against the team xeneize when he entered the stadium of the River Plate.

The altercations, produced by dozens of people, caused that several players of Mouth suffered some injuries and therefore the party had to be postponed. When they located Firpo, who had changed his physical appearance to go unnoticed, he was imputed by the public prosecutor Adriana Bellavigna for the crimes of aggravated damage to occur within the framework of a sports spectacle, to prevent the realization of a sporting spectacle of massive character with concurrence public and promote the formation of groups destined to commit crimes.

As reported, the Justice decided that the convicted can not attend the vicinity of River Plate Stadium, or access it for the time of the conviction and may not attend mass football events during the two years that the penalty lasts. Likewise, he must do 180 hours of community tasks and take a course of "urban coexistence", among other measures. The sentence against Firpo, arrested last Tuesday, was approved by Judge María Julia Correa, head of the Criminal, Violations and Misdemeanors Court No. 28.

After the altercations, the South American Soccer Confederation (Conmebol) decided then that the final was played "outside Argentine territory" and chose the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, in Madrid, next Sunday, when the security conditions to play in Argentina are not met.

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