The amateur killed during the clashes between ultras before the Inter – Naples | sports

The amateur killed during the clashes between ultras before the Inter - Naples | sports

The amateur who was hit on Wednesday during the clashes between the Inter's team and the Naples team about two kilometers from the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan (northern Italy) died Thursday, Italian police said. Daniele Belardinelli, 35, was hit by an SUV before the game between 6.30 and 18.50 while there were some clashes, but it is still unknown who was driving, reported the police headquarters in Milan.

The police chief, Marcello Cardona, informed in a press conference that before the start of the match a van in which Naples fans were traveling was assaulted by about a hundred ultras of Inter with batons. There had also traveled fans of the Varese and Nice who had come there to participate in the clashes.

It is unknown if Belardinelli was an Inter fan, since he came from Varese, northern Italy, and had precedents for incidents at football stadiums, Cardona explained. The Naples fans got out of the vehicle and started a fight in which four Neapolitans were slightly wounded by a knife.

In the general chaos, he was run over by the amateur who was taken to San Carlo hospital, already in very serious condition, by some ultras of Inter. The same fans of Naples indicated during the fight that there was a person who had been run over, added Cardona. Now the Police is investigating thanks to the images recorded with the phones of some witnesses to locate the vehicle that ran over the fan.

For the moment, two ultras of Inter have been arrested, and a third person is being sought for their arrest for having participated in the clashes, the Chief of Police added. Cardona explained that the supporters of Inter or Napoli can not be held responsible for the death of the fans, since it is unknown who was driving the SUV.

Cardona announced that they will be requesting the closing of the stadium fund where the ultras are located in the next five days and the prohibition to the fans of Inter to attend the other matches away from home.

Racist insults to Koulibaly during the match

The defender of Naples, Kalid Koulibaly, was also the object of racist insults during the course of the match. The Senegalese replied forcefully on Thursday saying that he feels "proud of the color of his skin."

"I'm proud to be French, Senegalese and Neapolitan: man," Koulibaly wrote on his official Twitter profile after a match in which he was expelled. "I regret the defeat and especially the leaving of my brothers," said the player, who was expelled during the course of the meeting.

In response, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala (center-left), also said on Thursday felt "shame" for the racist chants thrown at the soccer player during the Inter-Milan-Naples match on Wednesday, and asked for "pardon" on behalf of the city to the defender of the Neapolitan club.

"The monkey shouting 'addressed to Koulibaly was a shame, a shameful act towards a sportsman proud of the color of his skin," said Sala on Facebook, referring to the statements of the defender after the game.

Neither has been alien to these events the coach of Naples, Carlo Ancelotti, who was very critical of the decision not to stop the game: "I dislike what happened because on three occasions we asked the Federal Prosecutor to suspend the The boy was nervous, he is an educated player who has been 'bombarded' by the stadium, "Ancelotti said at a press conference after the game, which also warned that if something similar happens again , it will be the Neapolitan team itself who will stop playing.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has announced that he will convene the leaders of the A and B series football clubs and those responsible for the groups of ultras at the beginning of next year: "In 2018 you can not dying to go to a football game, stadiums have to be a place of fun and not of violence. "

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