June 23, 2021

The Almaraz Committee demands an agreement from the owners to avoid "chaos"

The Almaraz Committee demands an agreement from the owners to avoid "chaos"

The works council of the Almaraz nuclear power plant (CNA) have warned on Wednesday that, if the companies that own this plant do not reach an agreement to renew the exploitation license, the Caceres region of Campo Arañuelo will be doomed to "an economic and social bankruptcy "of great magnitude.

If not renewed, the exploitation license of Almaraz will conclude in June of next year, which would mean "a chaos", much greater than the one registered by the economy and the use of the surroundings close to the power plants of Zorita (Cáceres) and Santa María de Garoña (Burgos).

The fear that the Almaraz plant will be forced to close due to the lack of agreement between the owner companies (Iberdrola, Naturgy and Endesa), as happened with the Garoña plant, has been transferred this Wednesday by the works council to the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, during a meeting held in Mérida.

"We are very concerned that there is no request for the extension of the license," remarked the chairman of the works council, César Vizcaíno, in a brief meeting with the press held at the end of the meeting with the Extremaduran chief executive.

Apart from the economic and employment repercussions, Vizcaíno has assured that he does not understand the existing commitment to close Almaraz as soon as possible, "a profitable plant, one of the safest in the world" and that contributes six percent of the total energy consumed in the country.

The two units of the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant (CNA) generate a joint net production of more than 16,000 million kWh, which represents between 25 and 30% of the energy generated by all of Spain's nuclear power plants.

"The stability of nuclear power generation is not comparable to renewable energy," added Vizcaino, who stressed that workers demand that the renewal of Almaraz's license be for ten years, a period longer than that initially raised by the signatures. electrical (7.4 years for reactor I and 8.2 years for II, with which the plant would operate until 2028).

Asked about the lack of agreement in the last assembly of owners of the Almaraz plant, held this past Tuesday, Vizcaino said that, apparently, the three companies will meet again next week.

On the proposal of Endesa to the other two to give him the participatory rights to continue operating the plant in Extremadura, the chairman of the committee said that Iberdrola and Naturgy do not want Endesa to have the Spanish nuclear monopoly.

"We know they are business decisions, but we have asked Fernandez Vara to" urge the companies "to reach a good port," added Vizcaíno, who announced that on March 29 they will travel to Madrid to concentrate in front of the offices. of Iberdrola, for being the one with the largest shareholding and "the one that is against the continuity of Almaraz".

Through a press release, the Government of Extremadura has reported that Fernández Vara has reiterated its support for the operation and activity of Almaraz "as long as an economic alternative for the Campo Arañuelo region is not defined."

In this sense, the regional government has stressed its "firm commitment" that "will not allow, in any case, face a process of closure of the activity without economic, industrial and energy alternatives are defined, developed and implemented" .


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