The alliance for the European part to the direction of Equo

Within 24 hours of the legal deadline for registering the electoral coalitions for the European elections of May 26, Equo's management has leaped into the air after the result of a referendum called between the bases of the environmentalist party and whose result is betting for breaking the sealed alliance with Podemos and IU and betting on a new one with the coalition led by Compromís. The division is such that a part of the Federal Executive Commission intends to challenge the consultation by not having followed, in its opinion, the statutory channels marked for its convocation. The other half looks for the formula to lift the agreement of Podemos We have already presented before the Electoral Board and register a new one.

Equo signed in 2018 with Podemos and IU an electoral framework agreement for the elections scheduled for 2019. In June of a year ago, the bases ratified the document, which established a general formula for the three parties at the regional and municipal levels to have a guide. with which to negotiate the different alliances.

The result of the negotiations has been uneven, something that was already foreseen in that agreement. The partnership between Podemos, IU and Equo will go ahead in some places. In others, like Madrid, no.

The 4th Federal Assembly of the ecologist party ratified the alliance strategy with Podemos and IU in October 2018. The conclave also served to mark the goodbye of the founder of the party, Juan López de Uralde, of the management organs of Equo. Uralde will repeat as a candidate for Congress, but the federal role of the party went to Carmen Molina and Löic Alejandro.

By then, the green party was dragging a strong internal strategic division between the more purely environmentalist branch, which rejected the alliance with Podemos and IU already in 2015 and 2016, and who since the foundation have bet that Equo serves as agglutinator of all the green parties in Spain and that they defend that the coalition of United has allowed political ecology to have unprecedented visibility so far.

This division has remained underground and has exploded now. Last Monday, the federal spokesperson Carmen Molina signed the coalition agreement with Podemos and IU, which was registered with the Central Electoral Board. Meanwhile, the other sector promoted a consultation to assess the option of allying with the Valencian party Compromís.

The versions from here differ. In conversation with, the other federal co-speaker, Löic Alejandro, ensures that the consultation is perfectly legal and that it conforms to the party's Statutes. Article 32.2 establishes that the Federal Bureau (territorial representation body) can demand the realization of "non-binding consultations to gather the feeling of the organization in any particular issue".

Alejandro, who says that the registration of the coalition with Podemos and IU last Monday is illegal, maintains that this procedure was fulfilled and that the consultation is legal. The official communications office of Equo has remitted this Thursday morning the results of the referendum: 75.1% of the voters bet on Compromís instead of on Unidas Podemos.

After several queries, has learned that the number of voters has been 1,144. The census, according to the same sources, was 4,337 people. It is the highest participation since 2014, point out from the Equo sector that supports the alliance with Compromís.

The candidate for European chosen by the bases, Florent Marcellesi, is in favor of reissuing the alliance with Compromís of five years ago.

The agreement with Podemos and IU relegated him to number 13 on the Lista Unidas list, far from being guaranteed to be elected. Compromís has offered him the number 3 and an agreement to divide the legislature with candidate number 2 in case the three MEPs are not achieved, something that Compromís has never achieved. In 2014, he obtained only one representative, Jordi Sebastià, with whom Marcellesi took his turn. has also been in contact with Carmen Molina. The coportavoz assures that the voting does not fulfill the statutes because the request that was made in the Federal Table was that it was voted if a negotiation with Compromís was initiated. And what has been voted is an alliance with the Valencian party.

Molina also regrets that this alliance relegates Equo to being an allied party of a coalition of regionalist formations (Chunta, Nueva Canarias, the Castilian Party and others), while the green party has a state vocation.


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