The alleged serial killer of Bilbao goes to court

The alleged serial killer of Bilbao goes to court / DV

The Ertzaintza has transferred the alleged murderer to the courts of the Biscayan capital from the Erandio police station, after his apartment in Irun was searched yesterday

The main suspect in four homicides and two attempted homicides against homosexual men in Bilbao, who turned himself in last Thursday at the Ertzaintza police station in Irun after his identity and photograph were made public, has been brought to justice this Saturday around 10:00 a.m., after a Basque Police patrol has transferred him to the Bilbao court that is conducting the investigation.

The alleged serial killer, Nelson David MB, a 25-year-old Colombian, has been transferred to the court from the Erandio central police station, although his first hours as a detainee were spent at the Irun police station, where he turned himself in late in the afternoon. from Thursday. The suspect pleaded not guilty to the homicides under investigation upon surrendering.

From now on, the investigation will fall to the Bilbao court that handles the six cases, so sources from the Security Department have not given more details beyond confirming that it has gone to court.

The first deputy lehendakari and Security Councilor of the Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, confirmed yesterday that the investigation into the case of the alleged murders of gays in Bilbao that occurred at the end of last year currently includes four deaths and two alleged homicide attempts, all occurred in the Biscayan capital. To date, it was known that the investigations focused on the four deaths, initially classified as natural deaths and that are now being reviewed, and an assault, which was the one that uncovered the possible existence of a serial killer. The announcement that there is a second case of possible "attempted homicide" would indicate that there is a second survivor and, therefore, one more witness who would serve to shed light on the case.

Erkoreka appeared accompanied by the Head of the Ertzaintza, Josu Bujanda, to report on the arrest of Nelson David MB, the main suspect and who voluntarily appeared on Thursday at the Basque Police station in Irun upon learning that he was wanted by the Justice and make his identity and photograph public, which quickly spread through social networks and the media.

This circumstance took yesterday the epicenter of the investigation to the border city, where Ertzaintza agents searched shortly after noon and for about three hours the house on Bera Street where the detainee has lived since February. The deputy counselor acknowledged that the 25-year-old Colombian "is collaborating and contributing information to the investigation."

The suspect's return to court was already scheduled for today or tomorrow, because the police detention could not be extended beyond 72 hours. Now it will be the judge who determines if there are indications of guilt to order his entry into provisional prison or, on the contrary, release him due to the lack of evidence.

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