The alleged murderers of tourists in Morocco could be sentenced to death

The alleged murderers of tourists in Morocco could be sentenced to death

The Moroccan prosecutor's office today attributed accusations punishable with death to 15 detainees for the terrorist murder of two Scandinavian tourists in a mountainous region of Morocco on December 17.

The king's prosecutor before the Court of Appeal in Rabat, Hasan Daki, said in a statement that the detainees, who are part of a total of 22 arrested in this case, are accused of "premeditated attempt on the lives of people" .

Furthermore, the Prosecutor's Office accused those persons, all of Moroccan nationality and tried under the antiterrorist law, of "committing a crime through barbaric acts", "forming an organization to prepare and committing terrorist acts", and of incitement and apology of terrorism, among other charges.

The accused, who have already completed the maximum term of 12 days in police custody and will today go to preventive detention, could even face the death penalty in accordance with the Moroccan penal code.

The fifteen defendants appeared today before the investigating judge in the Court of Appeal of Salé, near Rabat and specialized in terrorism cases, to advance the investigation.

The crime occurred on the night of December 17 when the two tourists, the Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (aged 24) and the Norwegian Maren Ueland (aged 28), were beheaded by alleged extremists in the Imlil valley, in the High Atlas, a area known for mountain tourism.

The Prosecutor's note revealed that three of the 15 detainees who appeared before the investigating judge had already served prison sentences for participating in other terrorist acts, without giving further details.

Last Sunday, the spokesman of the Moroccan police, Bubker Sabik, said that more than 2,900 people who have already served prison sentences for cases of extremism and terrorism in Morocco are currently at large.

He also explained that a significant part of these people returned to integrate into society, but stressed that "the danger still exists" so the security services monitor these ex-convicts.

After the crime, a video was circulated in the networks, the veracity of which was authenticated by the Moroccan Prosecutor's Office, in which four of the main suspects in the crime were seen swearing allegiance to the jihadist group Islamic State.


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