The alleged murderer of Marta Calvo denies having killed the young woman

The alleged murderer of Marta Calvo denies having killed the young woman

Jorge Ignacio P. testifies at the trial. / photo: I. ARLANDIS | video:ep

The defendant for the deaths of Marta Calvo, Lady Marcela and Arliene Ramos does not answer the questions of the accusations

The accused of murdering Arliene Ramos, Lady Marcela Vargas and Marta Calvo has denied in the trial having intoxicated the three young women with cocaine, with the treacherous introduction of the drug into their genitals, and has declared that the victims consented to the sexual practice known as white party.

Jorge Ignacio PJ, who has refused to answer the questions that the prosecutor and the lawyers for the accusations were going to ask him, has referred only to the questions that his lawyer and the members of the jury have put to him to deny the crimes against him. investigators of the Civil Guard and the Public Ministry attribute.

Before the defendant began his statement, the secretary of the Administration of Justice has read the letter of confession that Jorge Ignacio delivered to the Civil Guard in which he explains how Marta Calvo died, according to his version, and the criminal record of the defendant.

Despite availing himself of his right not to answer the questions of the accusations, the defendant has listened to the questions that the prosecutor Socorro Zaragozá and three lawyers of the private accusations, Vicente Escribano, Pilar Jové and Isabel Carricondo, have read in the room, as well as like the request of the lawyer Candela Estévez to say where Marta's body is.

Jorge Ignacio has barely flinched when the accusations have recalled the dismemberment of Marta's body or the fatal intoxications with cocaine, and when his lawyer asked him if he had killed Arliene Ramos, Lady Marcela and Marta Calvo, the defendant has replied: « Absolutely not."

He has also assured that the victims who have testified at the trial "have described the effects of a drug that does not exist", and has denied that he put any narcotic substance in the drink. “They are distorted facts that are being maliciously modified to impute criminal offenses to me. I want to tell the gentlemen of the jury that before Marta's trial was made public, no woman had denounced me, "said the defendant.

Regarding the reports of the complainants, Jorge Ignacio has added: «With some of them he did contract sexual services, but with others it is unlikely. Some say that I stole from them and how was I going to take her to my house to steal from them?

His lawyer has also asked him how he paid for his sexual services, and the defendant has replied that he got the money with extra things, "because I am a painter and I am good at it, I have painted some houses, worked in the hotel industry and picked fruit in the area «.

Regarding the death of Marta Calvo, the defendant has stated that they slept together after having sexual relations, and that hours later he woke up and noticed that the young woman's body had a very low temperature. He then tried to wake her up, took her pulse and found that she was dead, according to her version.

Jorge Ignacio faces, as claimed by the Valencia Prosecutor's Office, a sentence of 130 years in prison. The parents of Marta Calvo, who exercise the private accusation, request for the defendant the reviewable permanent prison. The other victims in the case also claim this sentence, and the defense claims acquittal.

The defendant's letter

The defendant's letter, which the secretary of the Administration of Justice has read in the courtroom, states: “In the early hours of November 7 I hired the service of a young woman and I liked her very much. I respect and love women. That night we went to my house and we had a few hours of partying. She told me that she did not feel well, that she had been partying for two days and we stopped».

Regarding the death and dismemberment of Marta Calvo, he adds: «When I woke up I realized that she had died. I panicked and didn't know what to do other than want to die with her. I thought about getting rid of the girl's body, but since I couldn't get her out by myself, I thought about buying a saw to cut off her limbs. That is what I did and the next day, as soon as I woke up, I went and put the bags in two containers in Alzira and Silla».

The defendant has also stated that he wrote the letter because he intended to commit suicide and to leave proof that his mother had no involvement in Marta's death and the transfer of the body.

Jorge Ignacio has answered all the questions that the members of the popular jury have asked him, although he has digressed in some of his answers without clarifying the strange circumstances of the transfer of Marta's body.

"Why did it take so long to turn himself in?" asked a member of the jury, and the defendant replied: "I cannot change what I did, if I had known that I would not be able to take my life, I would have called to the Civil Guard and today we would not be here ».

Regarding the remains of Marta's blood found on the defendant's pants during the search of his home in the town of l'Olleria, Jorge Ignacio explained that he could have stained himself when he introduced the bags with the human remains into his car.

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