Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Alexa assistant is downgraded

El asistente Alexa se rebaja

We have already exceeded the equator of the campaign
Spring Offers
'That started last Wednesday and will be extended until next Sunday day 7. Twelve days of super offers in thousands of products.

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To know the offers of the day and the flash offers of this event, which will be changing daily during the event, customers should only go to

The offers are classified as cleaning and organization of Home, Garden and Outdoor, Sports and Outdoors, Home and Kitchen, DIY and tools, Beauty and personal care, Cameras, Headphones and Speakers, Digital Home and Computer, among other categories.

Within this campaign Amazon has decided to lower the price of their devices. These are some of the most attractive offers.

Echo smart speakers

Echo Show has a 10-inch screen where you can watch series and movies of Prime Video

Echo Show has a 10-inch screen where you can watch series and movies of Prime Video

Amazon started offering Black Friday with its newly released Echo smart speakers and this product quickly became a 'Top Sales'. Four devices that have arrived with force and that exhausted existence for the Christmas campaign.

The most sold currently is the smallest model. The
Echo Dot
, a voice-controlled hands-free device that works with the Alexa assistant. This speaker is now sold with a 42% discount (€ 34.99).

Amazon Echo
, the smart loudspeaker with the most popular voice control in the world, these days you can buy with a 25% discount (€ 74.99).

There are also two more models:
Echo Plus
(which has a more powerful speaker) with a 20% discount (€ 119.99) and the
Echo Spot
(the model with round screen) with 15% (€ 109.99).

If you already have a speaker but want to enjoy the skills that the assistant offers you Alexa you must choose Echo Input, an external device, small, discreet and at a very affordable price. Now even more affordable thanks to the 38% discount (€ 24.99).

But if what you want is to have a good screen together with Alexa the new
Echo Show
It is your ideal device. Now with a 9% discount and comes with a Philips Hue smart bulb included (€ 209.99 the pack).

Kindle eBook

The Kindle ebook is a model 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the previous generation, so it is easier and more comfortable to hold it with one hand.

Kindle uses ink particles and exclusive fonts carefully designed to make words appear clearer and more defined, as in a printed book. The blacks and whites of the electronic ink screen are uniform and this results in better image quality. Unlike the screens of tablets and smartphones, which reflect the light, the Kindle reads like paper. Battery consumption during reading is minimal, so you can read for weeks on a single charge.

In addition, it has a wide catalog of eBooks at low prices: more than 100 000 eBooks in Spanish for less than € 4.99 each. And, with Kindle Unlimited you'll enjoy unlimited access to more than 1 million titles (free for 30 days).

Buy Kindle for € 69.99 (13% discount)

Fire TV Stick

This Amazon device shines for its simplicity and ease of use, and is also very economical and is able to show content with Full HD quality.

It is undoubtedly a great advantage for Amazon Prime users. Installing it is as simple as taking it out of the box, connecting it to the TV's HDMI and configuring the Wi-Fi connection: you do not even have to establish the Amazon user, since it is installed by default.

The device, designed primarily to quickly access the contents of Prime Video, although, you can also access Netflix or HBO, social networks or games.

Buy for € 29.99 (25% discount)

Blink security camera system

A security system so simple to install and with such a competitive price that you can use it to protect your entire home. Blink works with batteries and is completely wireless, so you can change location once and again.

The HD video of 720p allows you to see your home or office perfectly, with hardly any distortion or blurred areas. When the integrated motion sensor is activated, the Wi-Fi camera sends an alert to your smartphone, makes a brief recording and stores it in the cloud.

System very easy to install. Control wireless cameras comfortably through the app available for iOS and Android. Check out your pet or check that everything is in order in your home in real time thanks to the live mode.

Now with the 'Spring Offers' you can get the 3-camera system with a 41% discount.

Buy for € 229.99 (41% discount)

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