Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

The alert for the heat wave is maintained in a large part of the United States

The alert for the high temperatures in a vast area of ​​the center and east of the USA. It was maintained this Sunday, when thermometers are expected to mark above 37.7 degrees Celsius, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported.

The NWS forecast center indicated in its Twitter account that the "dangerous heat wave will continue throughout Sunday in the east" of the country, which in recent days, and especially this weekend, has been punished by this phenomenon.

For this day, the second with the highest temperatures so far this week, forecasts suggest that "the greatest threat of heat" is expected for the states of North Carolina and South and Maine, with daytime highs above the 32.2 C, although it is not ruled out that the thermal sensation oscillates between 37.7 and 43.3 C.

According to the forecasts, for Monday they anticipate rains that can diminish the heat wave in good part of the East of the United States.

The meteorology service indicated on Twitter that during Saturday a wide swath of the country registered temperatures between 43.3 C and 45.5 C.

The official information confirmed that this Saturday seven maximum records of temperature were established, among them in the city of Roswell, in New Mexico, which reached 42.2 C, well above the current mark since 2009, when the temperature rose to 40.5 C.

On Friday, the authorities of New York said they were ready to face the heat wave, which forced the cancellation, for the first time in its history, of the triathlon of this city, whose 18th edition was scheduled for this Sunday.

"This is a very difficult situation, we have not seen temperatures like these in at least seven years," the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, who has decreed a state of emergency, warned Friday.

In the meantime, the authorities have insisted on the need for the population to stay hydrated, stay in air-conditioned places, limit outdoor activities and be attentive to the elderly.

They also ask that they avoid leaving children and pets in vehicles, noting that last year 21 children who remained in cars died due to the heat.

The heat wave contrasts with the polar cold that a little more than five months ago hit the northern regions of the United States, with temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius.

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