The 'Aitana formula' to destroy collaborations: "He has a very good eye for songs"

435.6 million views. 28.3 million listeners. 21.3 million hours. These are the data that have led Aitana to be the most listened to artist of 2021 in Spain. Above, even, such iconic names as Rosalia, Karol G, Dua Lipa, Indigo lola or Bad gyal. In the year of Raw Alejandro, Bad Bunny or C. Tangana, the Catalan singer has swept Spotify, leaving a clear reflection: her success is shared. Something that, although it does not detract from its merit, brings out a trend that, little by little, has been establishing itself in his career: since he debuted in 2018, after the backfire of Triumph operation 2017, has launched 21 collaborations that have become hits absolute. The last of them dates from this month: on December 3 he published 'Formentera' together with Nicki nicole, a song that surpassed one million listeners in just three days. A milestone that has made her the national star with the most number 1s on the platform of streaming. In total, he has positioned five of his proposals at the top of this ranking, something that no native interpreter had achieved to date.

In the last year, has sung with Sebastián Yatra, Cali and Dandee, Pablo Alborán and Álvaro de Luna, Fresquito and Mango, Melendi, Natalia Lacunza and Evaluna Montaner.

The gigantic acceptance of this new song is preceded by the Tiktokero earthquake that caused 'Mon amour', the single who starred with Zzoilo. This one was originally published in December 2020, but it wasn't until she shared it on her social media that it started to stand out. The following was a sneaky message on Twitter: "Do you want to remix?", The young man proposed. To which she replied: "When do we do it?" Within days, featuring was at the top of the listening charts. "He has a very good eye for locating songs that, otherwise, they would have stayed in the more underground spectrum ", underlines Pablo Cebrián, producer of Manuel Carrasco, Raphael, Juanes and, also, of the megahit that the vocalist scored with the hitherto unknown Marmi: 'The photo of the DNI'. “She is dedicating herself to playing. He does not want to stagnate: he tries something, has fun, changes it, takes risks… Thanks to that, he has us all looking forward to whatever he does ”.

In the last 12 months, he has done the same hand in hand with Cali and the Dandee ('Coldplay'), Pablo Alboran Y Alvaro de Luna ('Rains, it pours'), Fresh and Mango ('Send me an audio'), Melendi ('Electricity'), Natalia Lacunza ('When did you leave') and Evaluna Montaner ('Even if it's not with me'). Both in his songs and those of others. And in any case, glory was assured. This massive and shared production gave rise, on October 29, to a most controversial debate on Twitter. "Let's talk about the urgent and irreversible need for Aitana to stop doing a featuring a week," wrote Arturo Paniagua, a music journalist.

She answered sharply: "When reggaeton singers (men) put out collaborations every week, which I admire and respect, I don't see you saying anything". The message ended with 40,700 likes, 8,289 retweets and a controversy that involved soloists of Nicki Nicole's stature: “Keep it up my friend. Let no one tell you how many topics to bring up. It is your career and you enjoy it the way you want ”.

At that time, Paniagua tried to clarify the matter: “It is not a question of gender. I really admire what you have built and, above all, I am impressed by what you are capable of achieving for yourself. We must debate the constant need to promote collaborations and to publish music in which the artists find themselves ”. In addition to the cases mentioned above, the 22-year-old has also been singing with Indigo lola ('I stay'), Cali and the Dandee ('+'), Reik ('Enemies'), Morat ('I have a feeling' and 'More than I bet'), Sebastian Yatra ('Lifeless heart'), David Bisbal ('If you want it'), Danna Paola Y Luísa Sonza ('Friend of the week'), Alvaro Diaz Y Pole ('-'), Katy Perry ('Resilient') and Beret ('Stupidity'). They all became an instant bomb. And all this with just two LPs on the market: Spoiler and 11 reasons. And a live album: Play Tour: live.

More studios and fewer offices

“We are experiencing an important change in the way of making music. After a long time, the industry is growing together: the fact that some rely on others means that they all grow at the same time and that there is no dispute to know who is bigger ”, explains Pablo Rouss, producer of Vanesa Martin, Bethlehem Aguilera or Recycled J. The reason for this evolution is in the market itself, as musicians have gained more freedom when it comes to directing their careers. “They have more decision-making power and greater contact with colleagues. Thanks to social networks, they exchange their impressions and show their projects. It is creating a sense of community never seen before ”. East colleague so typical of the urban movement seems to have been established in pop. Hence, the collaborations arise more in the study and not so much in the offices: “Aitana is a person who has a lot of ease of union and involvement. She does not limit herself to singing the compositions of others, she leaves her soul in each project: contributes, proposes, shares ... Such is their commitment that there are cases in which, without it, the song would have been nothing ”.

His two LPs reached number 1 in physical sales in several countries, getting 13 gold and 20 platinum records in Chile, Mexico or Argentina

At a time when the single has taken advantage of the album, each launch constitutes a very important bullet that you have to know how to take advantage of. Above all, when it comes to broadening your vision in the careers of new artists. "There is a very powerful generational component," says Juan de Dios Martín, producer of Amaral, Xoel Lopez or Marlango. “Two decades ago, featurings were seen as something exceptional. Instead, today, they are considered as something natural: the objective is not only to make themselves known to different types of public, but also to make pineapple and share experiences. It is a reflection of the social moment that we are living. That does not mean that it will stay that way forever. For example, in the 60s they threw out a lot of singles, but soon after, concept albums took over. We do not know what we are going to find in a season, although it is most likely that everything will continue to evolve. What is clear is that, be that as it may, duets represent a win-win for everyone: for Aitana it is exposure, fun, learning ... and for the person she works with, the same ”.

13 gold and 20 platinum records

In her climb to global stardom, the 'Berlin' interpreter has been collecting numerous conquests: her two LPs reached number 1 in physical sales in several countries, achieving 13 gold and 20 platinum records in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile or the United States. He has also received that support on his tours, especially on the last one, which ended last week at the WiZink Center in Madrid with more than 11,500 attendees. Without forgetting the 20 awards he has already won: Waves, 40 Principales, Odeon, Dial, MTV... And all this in just four years. “If she wants to do a collaboration every week with a different artist, why not do it? What is the negative point? What does not have credibility? Why shouldn't he have it if that theme is also his? ”, Reflects Rouss. "Aitana has many factors in her favor, but its main asset is its ability to turn everything it touches into gold ", adds Cebrián. Something that also corroborates De Dios: “When I met her, I realized that she has something special. I don't know what. But it is evident its success goes beyond being a mere fashion ”.


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