April 20, 2021

The airline industry claims before the king that its measures guarantee safe travel

The heads of the Airlines Association (ALA) have defended this Monday before the king the hygiene and prevention measures against the coronavirus that the various companies have launched and have been convinced that with them a safe trip is guaranteed. By plane.

Felipe VI has analyzed the consequences of the pandemic in this sector in a videoconference with the president of ALA and general director of easyJet, Javier Gándara, and its two vice-presidents: Luis Gallego (executive president of Iberia) and Javier Hidalgo (CEO of Globalia) .

A conversation that has coincided with the controversy generated by the high occupancy of a flight operated by Iberia Express last Sunday between Madrid and Gran Canaria.

The Civil Guard has denounced the company for understanding that it could have breached the royal decree that regulates the state of alarm by failing to keep passengers a safe distance.

Although without referring to this specific fact, Zarzuela has reported that, in his conversation with the king, the highest representatives of ALA have stressed that the sector is committed to passenger safety and that its well-being and health is its main objective. .

They added that airlines have strengthened hygiene and prevention measures against coronavirus to ensure safe travel by plane.

A collective transport that they have emphasized is the safest, even in times of the COVID-19, due to its particular air circulation system that is renewed every two or three minutes and is cleaned through HEPA filters that remove 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses from recirculated air

In addition to defending the measures put in place, those responsible for the sector have regretted that the health crisis has left companies in a situation of difficult survival.

Air traffic has been reduced by 95 percent, which has forced to leave most of its aircraft grounded and puts 900,000 jobs at risk due to a drop in income of around 15,000 million euros due to the loss of almost 114 million passengers.

A situation that they calculate would have an impact on the national GDP of up to 55,000 million euros, which would be equivalent to a decrease of 4.41 percent.

The president of ALA has praised the value of air transport in Spain, which is essential for the development of tourism, employs 13 percent of the population and represents more than 12 percent of GDP.

They consider it essential to guarantee the future of airlines and, therefore, they raise the urgent need for support measures for the sector, such as facilitating access to the liquidity necessary to overcome this period without income.

They also consider it vital to prolong the temporary employment regulation files due to force majeure and propose the temporary exemption from airport and air navigation taxes.

At the same time, the ALA representatives have highlighted the contribution of the sector in the repatriation plan for Spaniards who were abroad and in their participation in the air corridors to procure the provision of masks and other protective sanitary material.


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