July 15, 2020

The Airbus ERTE will affect 2,300 workers at the Getafe plant

The temporary employment regulation (ERTE) file that Airbus will apply to 3,178 employees of its workforce in Spain from tomorrow will affect 2,300 workers at the Getafe plant.

Unions and the aeronautical company agreed last Thursday the application of an ERTE in the company’s work centers in Getafe, Illescas (Toledo) and Puerto Real (Cádiz).

Company sources have told Efe that the rest of the workers affected by the file are 870 from the Illescas plant and a total of 490 from the Puerto Real plant.

The more than 3,000 employees affected by the ERTE, which will take effect tomorrow, Wednesday, the 20th, and end on September 30, serve in the Airbus Commercial Aircraft section.

Members of the management committee, near-retirement workers and expatriates working in workplaces in other European countries have been excluded from the ERTE, union sources have indicated.

The unions have valued the agreement in a positive way, since it includes the requests made by the workers’ representation within the negotiating commission of the file.

In this sense, the agreement expands from 1,200 to 3,178 the number of workers included in the ERTE, guarantees that workers will not lose extraordinary payments or vacations and that the unemployment benefit they consume until the end of ERTE will not be deducted from the amount they accumulate.

Airbus, which has reduced its manufacturing of commercial aircraft by a third and is working to adapt to the collapse of activity in the airline sector due to the coronavirus crisis, is processing partial unemployment records for thousands of its employees across Europe.


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