The Agüimes exploits its inner game – The Province

The Agüimes exploits its inner game - The Province

CB Telde: D. Casallas, M. Sanabria, Álvaro Rodríguez, Aday Cabrera and Adrián Sánchez – initial five – Jarobe Medina, Carlos Ruiz, Gabriel Hernández and Ángel Calixto.

CB Agüimes: Adrián Rodríguez, Sergio García, Ignacio Hernández, Joel Fernández and Mateo González -final five-, Gabriel Pérez, D. Cabrera, Santiago Ramírez, Saúl Vega, Jorge Sánchez and Rachid Boutaayacht.

Referees: T. Contiñas and F. Aroura.

Partial: 7-18, 16-36, 25-52 and 34-66

Incidents: Encounter disputed in the Rita Hernández Pavilion Telde.

CB Agüimes asserted its superiority in the indoor game to defeat CB Telde, who was not comfortable at any time and could not see clearly the rim of the whole southeast.

From the initial jump, the scoring initiative was taken by the team lagartero; already in the first quarter he took the first considerable advantage in the score when he got 7-18. For this, he had the address of the base Mateo González and with the points of Adrián Rodríguez, Sergio García and Saúl Vega.

The whole of Carmelo Ortega tried it with quick counterattacks led by Álvaro Rodríguez, but he was with the defense in zone, first, and with the individual mark, later, of the CB Agüimes.

The points of the Teldenses were a matter of the success of Álvaro Rodríguez and Carlos Ruiz, but never got to scare Agüimes who controlled the game and the score at the end of the third act (25-52). The rest of the game was a real walk for the visiting squad.


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