December 5, 2020

The agricultural price war and the Canary Islands emptied, in ‘Out of plane’ – La Provincia

Complaints of Canarian farmers and ranchers for low pricesthat they receive for their products and thelow profitability of the fieldwill center the program‘Out of plane’that emitsCanary TelevisionEastThursday, from 9.30 pm. A situation that causes, among other factors, the escape from the rural areas of the Islands.

A team of‘Out of plane’It has monitored some foods from its origin, after the collection by the farmer, to the final consumer to see how it is expensive up to 2.4 times. In addition, it will connect with representatives of intermediaries and supermarkets, now indicated for making these products more expensive.

The relationship between the baja profitability of farms and livestockand the depopulation of many rural nuclei of the Islands will also be analyzed in a comprehensive report, under the title ‘Canaries emptied’, where the factors that have caused theexodus of some municipalities towards urban and tourist areas.

In the last ten years,several villages in the Canary Islands have lost up to 20% of their population. The lack of job opportunities, the lack of basic services such as health centers, schools and the Internet or connectivity problems exacerbate this depopulation.

‘Out of plane’He moved to those areas of the Archipelago that have suffered the rural exodus to see first-hand the daily lives of its inhabitants.


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