March 4, 2021

the agreement with PSC in the Diputación de Barcelona "will not affect the Govern"

The president of the PDeCAT, David Bonvehí, has defended this Saturday that in the Diputación de Barcelona there was no independence majority and has considered that the agreement reached with the PSC-CP "will not affect the Government".

In an interview of Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press, he defended the government agreement with the PSC-CP – in which JxCat agrees to vote for the Socialists for the Presidency of the Provincial Council – arguing that "there was no independence majority to be able to push forward this legislature. "

He also reminded the Republicans who have managed to agree "in the Tarragona City Council, where there is a mayor of ERC, in the City of Lleida, where there is a mayor of ERC, in the Diputación de Tarragona, where there is a president of ERC; in the Diputación de Lleida, where there is a president of ERC, and in the Diputación de Girona, with a president in this case of JxCat. "

And he added that in Figueres (Girona) and Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) "ERC preferred to agree with the CUP and with the socialist party to get rid of the person – from JxCat – who had won the elections very broadly" but that this did not generate a crisis in the Government.

Asked if they have stopped considering the PSC a party linked to article 155 of the Constitution, he has responded that not because the party "remains one of the parties that promoted and accepted that 155".

"We know who the socialist party is and we know, then, what it has done in recent years, but also, then, the majorities in the municipal elections have been what they have been," he said.


He stressed that JxCat opted to form pro-independence unitary lists to participate in the municipal elections and prevent "the main cities of the country are governed by forces that are not sovereign."

"This was not possible," he said, and has indicated that in the current scenario it is positive that a sovereignist force such as JxCat could be in the government of the Diputación de Barcelona.

In addition, he pointed out that if a government in the Diputación with ERC agreed "fewer votes than another agreement, which was another type of agreement, which would have made the three forces that govern the City of Barcelona."

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