The aggressor of at least 10 women in the subway arrested in Barcelona

The aggressor of at least 10 women in the subway arrested in Barcelona

The Mossos have arrested the man who allegedly He attacked at least ten women yesterday in the Barcelona metroone of them with a serious injury, a young man with a history who had been identified by the police in the morning but who was released as the agents had no record of the number of victims or the degree of the injuries.

The event occurred yesterday morning, Friday in the Camp de l'Arpa station on line 5 of the Barcelona metro when the man, for no reason, attacked the women, six of them on the platform, which could lead to his being charged with a hate crime based on sexism, as reported by the Catalan police.

When the events occurred, the station's security agents managed to detain the young man. When the Mossos arrived, the man was identified but was released since only the woman who suffered the most violent attack remained on the platform, although at that time, according to the same sources, there was no evidence that she suffered a serious injury.

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Mayor David Sánchez, deputy head of the Mossos General Information Commissioner, explained this morning in an interview on the RAC1 radio station that the woman, when she was still on the platform, seemed to only have minor injuries and that the rest of the victims were no longer there because they had taken the subway, so the agents released him without knowing then that he had a record of petty robberies and thefts.

It was in the afternoon, he indicated, once the medical report was obtained indicating that the woman suffered a serious injury and the background of the aggressor was also known, when the investigation was opened that led to the arrest of the 30-year-old man. and that he was finally arrested at eleven o'clock last night.

At that time, The Mossos also had access to all the images recorded at the stationwith which they counted at least ten "gratuitous attacks" on women, six on the platform.

The Mossos have asked this Saturday on social networks that the victims file the corresponding complaint to find out the scope and magnitude of the injuries, since nine of them were no longer at the station when the agents arrived. "Let them come to the police station," the mayor asked.

The police are also working to try to locate them to take statements about what happened.

Mayor Sánchez has justified that the man was released in the morning based on the information that the agents had at that time and has stressed that the fact that the young man had a criminal record is what subsequently facilitated his location and arrest. The police have no evidence that after being released he continued to commit attacks.

The man remains detained in police stations waiting to be brought to justice possibly for a hate crime for a still undetermined number of attacks on women.

The Minister of Equality and Feminisms, Tània Verge, has condemned these attacks on social networks and has recalled that the victims have care services for sexist violence at their disposal, including the telephone number 900 900 120.

The public company Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), for its part, has also condemned the attacks on women.