The agents also contemplate that Gimeno did not leave Tenerife

In any case, as the national spokesman for the Federal Police Union (UFP), José María Benito, explained yesterday, the agents of the Armed Institute have not ruled out other hypotheses and that, in fact, searches are being carried out in some enclaves of the island territory.

José María Benito, who spoke yesterday on Good Afternoon Canarias, from Televisión Canaria, indicates that the Judicial Police investigators already know with whom the father of the little girls spoke and some points where he was before he left for the first time to navigate 21:30 hours. Benito considers that, if there had been an organized plan to escape, there would have been more calls with other people, "but there aren't any."

Volunteers from Civil Protection groups from various municipalities in Tenerife have been combing the coastline of the Southeast of Tenerife in recent days in search of Anna and Olivia, the girls who disappeared a fortnight ago like their father, Tomás Gimeno Casañas. For more than a week, the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of the Güímar party has been investigating the matter as an alleged parental kidnapping and, in fact, has issued an international search warrant on the aforementioned people in case they are located in some place, both from Spain and from another country.

The volunteers who participate in the hikes go through the assigned areas in pairs


Their work consists of thoroughly reviewing the coastline, including inaccessible areas, to "leave no corner behind," according to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Civil Protection volunteer group published on its Twitter account, along with photographs and videos of the aforementioned altruistic work. This is "arduous and meticulous work" that, due to the characteristics of a large part of the southeast coast of Tenerife, must be done mostly on foot.

The group of Civil Protection of the Tenerife capital emphasize that "due to time and desire to help it will not be, and in this case less."

During the day last Tuesday, volunteers from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife collective carried out a raid along the coastline in the strip between the abandoned Añaza building and the La Resbala settlement. In the inspection of this section of the coast, members of Civil Protection invested around four hours.

Previously, search tasks were carried out in groups of seven or eight people. However, at the suggestion of the security body that is in charge of the investigation, two volunteers are working for each route, who have the support of the driver of a vehicle, which reaches the point where there is a dirt road or track.

The part of the coast that is traveled every day to try to find Tomás, Olivia and Anna is transferred to a map in digital format. Thus, the part of the territory where it has already been passed is recorded. And these data are made known to the Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) of the Government of the Canary Islands, which is the body in charge of coordinating the different groups of Civil Protection of Tenerife that collaborate in this device.

It is worth mentioning that the people who collaborate in this initiative do so in their free time, after finishing their classes or working hours.

Until now, the Armed Institute has not reported that there have been advances in the investigations to try to locate the businessman and his daughters; only that it keeps open all possible hypotheses about what happened on April 27. Nor has the search system by sea changed in recent days as regards the means of Maritime Rescue and the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard.

The boats of the Ministry of Transport and the patrol boats of the security body carry out a search attached to the coast line, from Santa Cruz, where Tomás Gimeno left only twice with his boat, to the area of ​​Tajao, in the municipality of Arico, passing through El Puertito de Güímar, which is where on April 28 in the afternoon the father's boat was found adrift, a six-meter-long Sea Rae boat called Esquilón.

Members of the Santa Cruz Association combed their hair from Añaza to La Resbala last Tuesday


Meanwhile, the Civil Guard maintains an aircraft of the Helicopter Unit and ground patrols in search of the three disappeared.

In recent days, the mother of the little ones, Beatriz Zimmermann, has released new photographs and videos of Anna and Olivia, with the aim that they can be better identified, since she maintains the hope that they are still alive and that their father has hidden.

Tomás hired a detective in July 2020

Tomás Gimeno, the man who disappeared with his two daughters on April 27, hired the services of a detective in July 2020. This was revealed yesterday by the owner of the agency that carried out that service, where, supposedly, his work was to follow up on the then partner of the first, Beatriz Zimmermann. It should be remembered that EL DÍA announced last week that agents of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard were looking to see if a detective had done any work for Gimeno in order to know the movements of his ex-wife today. This was explained by the aforementioned private investigator in statements to Televisión Canaria. In the text sent, the detective states that she has six years of experience in this sector and that she is actively collaborating with the authorities in their effort to clarify this case. The private investigator clarified that the father of the minors Olivia and Anna requested "legitimate personal service." That means that Gimeno was able to prove that there was a link between him and the person he wanted him to follow. The mere fact that the Tenerife businessman hired a private investigator to learn about Beatriz Zimmermann's movements reveals an alleged mistrust of her, at least since the summer of last year. The detective carries out her work legally. Supposedly, he was slow to contact the civil guards because Gimeno then looked different from the images released at the beginning of the disappearance. | Pf


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