The AFE asks that the Second Division be expanded to 26 teams – La Provincia

The Spanish Soccer Players Association (AFE) has requested that in view of “the exceptional situation” caused by the pandemic and the “consequences in which what happened in the outcome of LaLiga SmartBank, the competition is expanded to 26 teams the next season.

“Given the exceptional situation we are going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences that have led to the partial suspension of Day 42, is proposed by a competition with 26 teams in the Second Division for the 2020/2021 season. We consider that in this way no footballer would be harmed for the decision to have a league of 22 or 24 and the safeguarding of the rights contractually acquired by our affiliates and the clubs would be guaranteed, “AFE said in a statement.

The union has already “sent this proposal through a letter sent today to all the parties involved in this situation”, while it has “made itself available to, among all, seek the most consistent and fair solution“.

“The 2019/2020 season has been really difficult in the face of an unpredictable pandemic that we continue to suffer, making complex decisions in the world of football, but always in favor of this sport. That is why as a union we appeal to the unity and cooperation of all parties involved, in order to solve this exceptional situation and thus prevent any fellow footballer from being harmed, taking into account the effort and great capacity to adapt to the circumstances they have shown during this campaign, “he said.

Finally, AFE estimated that the current situation “should not pose any type of problem at the competition or calendar level.” “This has already been done in the categories of modest football, in which not only have there been no decreases, but the number of participants for the 2020/2021 season has increased, from 80 teams to 102 “, he recalled.


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