September 19, 2020

The Advocacy asks the Minister of Justice to solve problems of office duty

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, held a first meeting on Wednesday with the president of the General Council of Spanish Law, Victoria Ortega, who has asked her to solve the problems of the lawyers of the ex officio shift.

Ortega, as the Council explains in a statement, has transferred to the new head of Justice his concern about the default of part of the ex officio shift, a decision taken by the previous ministerial team after verifying that actions not covered by the right to pay were being paid. Free legal assistance.

In that context, he has urged him to immediately study a formula to redirect this “disagreement” and that the lawyers of the competent communities of the Ministry can charge for all the services they have performed.

During this meeting both have also addressed the need to promote the processing of the Organic Law of Defense Law and to process the General Statute of the legal profession.


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