The advisers of the PP describe of "absurdity" the educational proposal of Vox | Society

The advisers of the PP describe of "absurdity" the educational proposal of Vox | Society

The Sectoral Conference on Education this January 9. In video, the Andalusian Minister of Education criticizes the proposals of Vox.

"Folly". This is how the Councilor for Education of the Junta de Castilla y León, Fernando Rey, has described the "wholesale" proposal of Vox to recentralize competences in Education, and pointed out that the decentralization of competences is compatible with elements of homogenization to achieve an "educational Spain". King attended the morning of this Wednesday along with the rest of the Autonomous Community councilors to the sectorial conference convened by the Minister of Education Isabel Celaá for debate the educational reform proposed by the Government.

Before moving on to the meeting, Rey has indicated that the necessary balance between decentralization and homogeneous points for the entire state requires a "fineness" of balances that "are currently not available to populist parties." "The regional experience shows that where education is well managed, autonomy has been a very useful tool because there has been innovation and improvement," stressed the Castilla-León Minister, and in the same vein his counterpart from La Rioja spoke. , Alberto Galiana, also from the PP, who has ensured that the regions with popular governments defend that this management should be carried out by their regional executives: "It must be carried out with moderation and with a vision of the State from the communities."

Also Sonia Gaya, adviser of Education in the Meeting of Andalusia by the PSOE, has left patent its disagreement with the proposal of the right-wing party. He stressed that much has been done to achieve certain competences so that "now the needs of a specific region and its priorities are decided 600 kilometers away". Gaya has also responded to popular criticism about the choice of center for families – Celaá's proposal reinforces the creation of places in public centers. He explained that the PSOE is not against the freedom of choice of families center. "The autonomic competitions demand us planning so that there is balanced schooling, that entails mixing students of different ethnic groups with different educational needs. We have to guarantee diversity in the classroom and we make an effort to achieve it ". And he stressed that more than 90% of Andalusian families obtain the center they choose as their first option. "In an educational center it is essential to take into account for the project the individuality of the students, the social and economic context of each of these social environments," he added, adding that "returning powers to the State does not solve anything at all".

For its part, the Minister of the branch of Navarre, Maria Roncesvalles (Geora Bai), has stressed that far from going towards a devolution of powers, we must move towards "more self-government" because, in his opinion and as he has explained, analyzing the economic data it is seen that it is the best way to obtain "optimal results". Vicent Marzà, of Compromís and councilor of the Valencian Community, added that more innovation is necessary and criticized that the Government recovers the spirit of the LOE, although it has assured that its party "is happy for leave the LOMCE behind" Marzà has specified that there are several aspects to improve within the law. Coeducation, for example with the implementation of equality coordinators in each center; make clear in the law that you can not segregate children, "because by much public discourse to achieve equality this has to be a reality in the classroom"; the gratuity in the stage up to two years, as the Valencian Community has already begun to do; and to make more flexible and adapt professional qualifications.


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