The adventures of Fnix – The Province

The adventures of Fnix - The Province

The juvenile book 'Fnix, the child of the desert' (Letrame, 2018), by the author Nayra Lemes, with illustrations by Jonay Ruiz, looks at the shelves as the first fruit of the literary saga 'Los cuentos de Fnix'. The author and the illustrator will shed the keys of this publishing adventure today, at 7:00 pm, at the Club LA PROVINCIA, accompanied by the poet Nira Rodrguez, who will lecture on the importance of the story.

Phoenix, a 12-year-old boy in the heart of the desert, begins a journey of self-discovery the day he begins to defoliate the meaning of his name. This first question that, as always happens, houses the seed of all the successive questions, inaugurates the first story saga juvenile The tales of Phoenix, by Nayra Lemes Rojas, grancanaria teacher and author of pedagogical materials related to emotional intelligence and creativity. Phoenix, the child of the desert is the first of the seven illustrated stories that the author writes and publishes in the hand of cartoonist Jonay Ruiz, under the umbrella of the Letrame label, and which constitutes the first self-published editorial adventure of both.

Nayra Lemes, alma mater of the project, reveals that the germ of this literary universe resides in the stories she told each night to her son Aimar, who inspires the character of Fénix himself, before going to sleep. "Every night I was making up stories about the adventures of the same protagonist, Fénix, and little by little, I began to give them a coherence", explains the author. "In those stories I was incorporating situations that had happened during the day, to convey to my son other options or approaches to life, not in an explained way, but within a fiction, so that he could identify with different characters of the history".


The progression of the Phoenix adventures was fueling the idea of ​​transferring them one day to paper and, although its publication was never the main objective, Lemes ordered the stories under different thematic axes that orbit the introspective stage of adolescence. "Each story addresses different issues related to talking to children in a conscious way," reveals the author. "The first story, F Ennix, the child of the desert, It deals with the issue of identity, where Fénix begins to wonder who he is and why he is here, which is where those existential questions that come to us at some point in life begin. "

In this line, Lemes used as a landing strip of these invented stories the real social context to claim the strength of the story in the era of banality, rush and fake news. "In this sense, the nature of the desert becomes an ideal environment, where people show themselves as they are, because they can teach us a lot to those who live in this current culture of asphalt, hurry, chaos and urgency, "says the author. "Then, Fénix comes to remind us from the depth of his questions that it is precisely in the simple where true happiness and true meaning are found, where the great and profound teachings are hidden".

Once the exercise of writing the stories of Fénix was back on track, Lemes embarked on the flight to the cartoonist Jonay Ruiz to crystallize this imaginary in images. Belonging to the same community since childhood, where both grew up among the same questions, the illustrator confesses that "when Nayra proposed the project to me, I accepted without thinking". "She gave me a series of guidelines on style, in which I looked for something tribal, pure, organic, and when I captured the first images that her readings evoked, it turned out that, from the beginning, we had imagined exactly the same."

Both agree that "the fact of knowing each other so much has made the whole process much easier", since Lemes emphasizes that "Jonay immediately captured the essence of what I wanted to convey through the words, so we did not have to exchange too many to I knew how to reflect them perfectly in the drawings ".

In addition, the creation of the project involved for both a shared learning in the field of editing, design, layout and dialogue between text and image. "Through the trial-error method, we began to open the way for the construction of the book, each one on its own and with the help of many people who, in a totally altruistic way, turned to the project," says Lemes. "And it has been a beautiful experience, intense and of much learning".

Dedicated to his son Aimar, both subscribe that The tales of Phoenix they are addressed to "the big children", that is, children from 12 years of age, but also to the child that we once were, as the dedication of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to his friend Léon Werth in the prologue of The little Prince.

Since this Christmas, Phoenix, the child of the desert is available for sale through its website:, as well as in a series of specific points of sale that, for the moment, add the stores Trapitos and knots, Coolkid, Olga Ortiz and Kuica, in Great Canaria, together with Ecotienda Planeta Orgánico, La casa de Baobab and Dzamlingar, in Tenerife. Each copy also includes a QR code that allows you to download the audio with the narration in the author's own voice, surrounded by sound effects, like the whistling of the wind or the crackle of the fire.

All in all, the Lemes-Ruiz tandem will preside over the official presentation of this first book today, in the Club THE PROVINCE, along with the poet Nira Rodríguez, also part of his tribe. But this is only the beginning of the flight, because the idea is to design the second adventure for the upcoming April 23, on the occasion of the Book Day, until the adventures of the complete Fénix on paper.


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