March 9, 2021

The advantage of Juve over Real Madrid for the signing of Pogba of Manchester United

Pogba has rejoined Manchester United, who has published the list of footballers who go on tour with the French midfielder in it. But this is just one more chapter in a story that goes on for a long time and that has only just begun.

In the Manchester already know what Pogba wants to go and that Real Madrid and Juventus are interested, very interested in signing him.

Manchester has so far refused to negotiate and has said that its star footballer is non-transferable. But he does not seem to be able to maintain that position for long. The player is not going to pressure, but neither will he change his mind. He wants to go because he considers that his time in England has ended.

Real Madrid, with Zidane, awaits you; Juventus, with the tax advantages that there are now in Italy too. According to the decree of decrease, as it is known in Italy, allows large cuts in taxes on the salaries of footballers. So clubs can pay more and players enjoy higher salaries. The plan is to make Italian football more competitive.

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