The Administration will revoke the Uber and Cabify licenses that commit five "very serious" infractions in a year

The Administration will revoke the Uber and Cabify licenses that commit five "very serious" infractions in a year


The plans of the Government for driver's license vehicle licenses (VTC) not only do they leave their competences in the hands of the communities and municipalities. The Executive plans to toughen the sanctions regime of these authorizations, including even the revocation of licenses by the competent Administration when five infractions classified as very serious are committed in the same year.

The measure will be articulated through a preliminary bill that will modify the Land Transportation Ordinance Law (LOTT) on infractions relating to the lease of vehicles with driver (VTC). The draft of this preliminary draft, to which ABC has had access, adds three new infractions to the current sanctioning regime. Any of them may cause the aforementioned license suspension.

What are these new faults? To begin with, the VTC they can not start a service "in a territorial area other than that in which it is obligatory to do so or, where appropriate, the limitations that define the habitual provision of the service in the territory in which the authorization is domiciled are breached". Previously, these types of licenses could carry out 20% of their journeys outside the region that were granted. It was the usual habit, which was repealed with the cession of the sector to the communities.

In addition, the holder of the authorization must register the data of a service in the electronic registry of communications of VTC of the DGT before realizing it. The Government intends to put into operation this list, outlined by the previous Executive, before the end of the year.

Finally, the preliminary draft law also includes as a lack the "collection of customers who have not previously contracted the service, as well as the breach of any other conditions of provision" established in this law and in the royal decree-law approved last 28 of September. Remember that many associations of taxi drivers had criticized the Uber and Cabify vehicles were collecting customers on the street who had not requested their services.

Similarly, the new draft bill modifies section 143.4 of the LOTT to include the possibility that any vehicle that carries out any of these three infractions can be immobilized "until the determining grounds for the infraction are removed". In addition, fines are increased for infractions such as breaking the applicable legislation in terms of driving times and rest of drivers from a fork between 600 and 800 euros to another ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 euros.

On the other hand, two serious offenses are repealed. On the one hand, the rule that prohibits the rent of VTC "Outside of the offices or premises that are determined by regulation, as well as the search or collection of clients that have not been previously hired". In addition, the exit of vehicles «from the place where they are usually stored or stopped will no longer be punishable. parked vehicles without carrying the required documentation on board or carrying it incorrectly completed ».

This norm will follow a different procedure than the one that will have to face the royal decree-law approved at the end of September, that will leave in the hands of the communities the competitions on the VTC if it is supported by the Congress next Thursday. The taxi had been in favor of these new sanctions, although it claimed that there were three and not five the number of annual infractions that entail the revocation.


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