July 5, 2020

The Addams Family lands at the Prez Galds Theater – The Province

After its overwhelming success in Madrid, the Broadway musical comedy will arrive in the capital of Gran Canaria at the beginning of the year The Addams family. This is a show by the company Letsgo and directed by Esteve Ferrer, which will land in the Theater Pérez Galdós next January 9 to stay until 19.

"This musical has emerged after observing on numerous trips the proposals that are successful in other countries and that we believe could be moved to our territory. This is the case of The Addams Family, which appeared in a comic strip in a newspaper and made the leap to television and then break into the big screen, "said Cristina de Póo, Brand Manager of Letsgo on Tuesday. Then add that," the adaptation to the musical genre is premiered in 2009 in Chicago and moving to Broadway we fell in love with this story. "

The truth is that this musical premiered in Madrid in October 2017 and began its tour in April 2018. Since then, it has traveled 25 Spanish cities and has managed to combine 400,000 spectators.

Also, the Show It is aimed at all audiences, although it is true that it places special emphasis on adults. "This does not mean that children cannot go to see it, but it is not focused on these profiles," said Póo.


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