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Josefina de la Torre, "the last voice of 27", is the protagonist of Canary Islands Day 2020, which is celebrated this Friday, February 21. The institutional events, organized by the Canarian Government, are transferred to next Monday, March 2, the starting point of the different activities that will be held throughout the year to disseminate the work of the multi-faceted author, including the reissue of plays.

The Canary Islands Day, an event established by the regional government in commemoration of the death date of Viera and Clavijo. This year's program starts next Monday, March 2, at 11 am, with the institutional act, transferred to this new date and which will take place in the Guiniguada Theater from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the assistance of the President of the Government, Angel Victor Torres. A session, open to the public, in which the figure and work of Josefina will be remembered through word, music, poetry and theater.

In addition, it is already available to citizens, in the web, the poster, a triptych with poetic selection, official biography, chronobiography and a small photo gallery. In parallel to all this, and as in previous editions, from the page of Facebook Canarian Letters Day Josefina de la Torre's figure and her contribution to the history of culture will be disseminated.

In the institutional event in Guiniguada, together with President Torres, and other authorities of the Executive and local institutions of Gran Canaria, artists will participate who will contribute to extol the trajectory of Josefina de la Torre. The poem On top of the balcony will be interpreted by Luis Pastor Y Lourdes Guerra, who have put music to these verses of the author.

On the other hand, the actress Hermi Orihuela takes the fragments of the monologue Josefina de la Torre. Voice in the immense, directed by Fabián Lomio. Too Marta Porpetta, director of Torremozas editions, Y Fran Garcería, researcher and literary critic, will speak on the complete poetry of Josefina de la Torre that has been published for the first time.

Other initiatives

Precisely, the publisher Torremozas present this anthology, Complete poetry The next day, Tuesday, March 3, at the Agapea Bookshop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The presentation, which will be at 6.30 pm, will also feature the interventions of Porpetta and Garcer, in addition to the Minister of Culture, María José Guerra. The Government collaborates in this act facilitating the participation in the same of the Canarian authors Elsa López, Alberto Omar Walls, Aida González Rossi Y Yeray Barroso, which will recite texts from De la Torre.

Weeks later, the Day of the book, April 23, the magazine dedicated to the life and work of Josefina de la Torre will be published. It will feature an anthology of his work, articles written by eight experts and, for the first time, a didactic support material for the study of Josefina in the classroom. Also that day the most emblematic novel of the writer will be presented, Memories of a star, which is reissued for the first time since it appeared in 1954; and the sample of panels dedicated to its trajectory will be installed by the State Public Libraries in both capitals. A dissemination material that, as usual, will then be available to those centers, libraries and institutions that request it.

Currently, the Culture Department of the Government is working on the closure of other activities such as conferences dedicated to the dissemination and analysis of its work, in Tenerife and Gran Canaria; tribute acts in Madrid and Seville; the publication of your full Narrative; a film cycle through the Canary Film Library; and a sample of his personal archive at the Pérez Galdós House-Museum (in January 2021). In addition, the Canary Islands Government will grant support to complete the cataloging of your personal file in the House-Museum.


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