The actors denounce the free work of a hundred extras at the Teatro Real | Culture

The actors denounce the free work of a hundred extras at the Teatro Real | Culture

The Union of Actors and Actresses, the main union of interpreters, is processing a complaint against the Foundation Royal Theatre before the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate and the Prosecutor's Office for an alleged crime against workers. This is stated by the organization itself, in a statement sent to the media. "A few days ago the Royal Theater Foundation, in which the Governments of Spain and the Community of Madrid participate, as well as the Madrid City Council, launched a call for 'the 100 places to be a helper in the representations of Idomeneo',as volunteers. Without paying them, without paying social security, "denounces the document.

The Union of Actors maintains that the participants were required to "commit themselves to attend 18 days of rehearsals and 9 performances" and to place themselves under the direction of the Teatro Real, which the union considers "clearly labor-related" requirements. Therefore, the interpreters argue that Social Security will also stop paying the money that would correspond to the employment of hundreds of extras and that is where they identify the possible crime against workers. In addition, the organization emphasizes that what happened is something unprecedented: recognize that they have ever detected advertisements to get the "participation of a fan" in a series or play, taking advantage of their passion, but without much workload. "We have never seen these volumes, what will happen if there is an accident at work?"

"To be aware of the volume of the operation we must take into account that the collective theater agreement It establishes that the minimum salary for an essay by a lyric theater helper is 42.29 euros and a function of 62.10 euros. Therefore, only in salaries, the Royal Theater will save 132,012 euros and will stop entering the social security 49,505 euros. Money that stops receiving the battered piggy bank of pensions or that guarantees the treatments in case of work accident ", adds the Union of Actors and Actresses.

"We are facing a massive replacement of workers with the sole objective of avoiding the costs of having professionals, costs assumed by all public and private companies in this country," the statement said.

Idomeneo, re di Crete, opera with music by Mozart and libretto by Giovanni Battista Varesco, is one of the highlights of the current season of the Teatro Real, and this was emphasized by the institution when it presented its plans for 2018 and 2019. It is a new production of the Real, together with the Canadian Opera Company of Toronto and the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. Their performances will be held between February 19 and March 1, 2019.


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