March 4, 2021

The actor Mariano Pea stars in the Canarian theatrical production 'Cuento de Navidad' – The Province

The popular Huelva player Mariano Peña will be the star of the show for the whole family inspired by the classic Christmas story de Dickens, that the Canarian producer Accelera will premiere at the end of next November in the theater Pérez Galdós of the Gran Canaria capital.

The new scenic installation, co-produced by the Auditorium Foundation Pérez Galdós Theater, Ingenio City Hall and the Palace of Formation and Congress of Fuerteventura, is run by Mingo Ruano and surely it will become the most attractive proposal of the theatrical offer scheduled during the upcoming Christmas season.

It is a dramaturgical adaptation of Luis O'Malley that counts, in addition to the aforementioned Peña, with a large cast of well-known faces from the Canarian theatrical scene, such as Mari Carmen Sánchez (which we can see in the applauded Movistar series, Iron), Víctor Formoso, Saray Castro, Thania Hill, Efraín Martín and the girl María López Calcines, among others. In addition, the show will feature other Canarian professionals of singing and dancing.

The play Christmas story it will be Acelera's fifth major production after its successful previous deliveries, The process I and II (2015 and 2016), The sky according to San Juan (2017) and Stories in the night of San Juan (2018). In all of them, the producer based in the municipality of Ingenio has had the commitment of leading figures of cinema or national television, as has been the case of the actor Jordi Sánchez, the humorist Cristina Medina, the Canarian actress Antonia San Juan and, now, the popular Mariano Peña, known for giving life to Mauricio Colmenero in the series Aida. The four assemblies mentioned have been presented in more than 200 scenic spaces throughout the Canary Islands and enjoyed by 50,000 spectators.

The new production Christmas story is based on a free and current version of the classic Christmas story, by Charles Dickens, written by the playwright Luis O'Malley, who has conceived the story of the greedy and insolent Ebenezer Scrooge that Mariano Peña will play, from the arguments of fun and parody, without distorting the keys of the famous short story conceived by the British author almost 180 years ago.

Mariano Peña gave voice to maestro Kame Sennin in Dragon Ball and Mr. Wilson in Naughty daniel. On television he has participated in some of the most successful Spanish series of recent times as Companions, Central Hospital, The Serrano Y Down there. In 2006 he received the award from the Union of Actors as Best Supporting Actor of Television and, in 2012, the Ondas Award. In addition, since 2003 he has participated in more than twenty feature films, including The prodigious light, by Miguel Hermoso, Queens, by Manuel Gómez Pereira, The seventh day, by Carlos Saura, Do not call it love € Call it X, by Oriol Capel and Hector, by Gracia Querejeta. In 2016 he led the cast of the musical Priscilla, queen of the desert.

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