March 5, 2021

The actor Eduardo Fajardo dies

For fans of the cowboy movies genre, Eduardo Fajardo, it was a myth and he interpreted almost 180 titles throughout his life. Galician by birth, but Rioja of heart began in the forties with films such as "Heroes of 95» (1947) but really began as a voice actor. His career was initially oriented to secondary roles punctuated by television appearances and got some fame with titles like "Locura de amor" (1948) or "Alba de América" ​​(1951). Then he moved to Mexico where he returned regularly because his five children live there.

In that country launched its "Theater without barriers" project for people with disabilities and alternated television projects such as "Tehuantepec" (1954) and "Tizoc: Amor indio" (1957). On his return to Spain, he resumed his film career and forced one of the most bulky filmographies of home cinema with an average of 15 titles per year in which he preferentially played the roles of villain in the Spaguetti Western. In his last professional years he combined cinema with sporadic appearances on television. In 2012 he discovered the first of the plates of the Paseo de las Estrellas in Almería and in August of 2017 the city council of Haro paid him a tribute for his professional career.

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