April 14, 2021

The actor Arturo Fernández does not want to take his play to Cádiz "because there is Podemos" | Culture

The actor Arturo Fernández does not want to take his play to Cádiz "because there is Podemos" | Culture

The Asturian actor Arturo Fernández, 89, has said he does not want to take his work High seduction, that at the moment represents in Theater Quintero of Seville – has programmed functions until the 24 of February -, to Cádiz "because there it is We can". In an interview in the program To the south, of Canal Sur, broadcast this past Thursday, Fernandez affirms that he would not like to represent his theatrical role in this Andalusian city, in which he does not want to work because he governs José María González, known as Kichi. The formation led by Pablo Iglesias directs -with the support of other parties- the Cádiz capital with the brand Por Cádiz Yes Can since the municipal elections of 2015. In the interview, Fernandez says that Podemos falls "fatal": "Like a kick in the liver."

The interpreter, who has worked in films like Truhanes (1983) or Since the morning dawns (2006), insists in the interview on Canal Sur that he does not just understand "how can there be a person with common sense who can vote for Podemos". According to him, the only thing that this party offers is "pure and simple communism," a political system that, in his opinion, "does not exist."

Arturo Fernández is on tour in several theaters in Spain with High Seduction, a comedy in which Carmen del Valle participates and in which Fernandez shows the secrets of seduction that, according to the work, should have all gallant. After being interpreted at the Teatro Amaya in Madrid, he is now in Seville and then he will pass through other cities, among which are Bilbao or Zamora.

The councilor for Social Affairs of the City of Cádiz, Ana Fernández, has responded to the actor indicating that the model of culture and society of the government team "is very far from the one that Arturo Fernández champion". In statements to journalists, the mayor has assured that the local government "does not censor" anyone. The councilor has also said that if the actor wants to go to Cádiz he can do it, but that "he is portrayed only with his statements".


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