April 21, 2021

The activist who denounced a medium who abused women and trafficked babies commits suicide in Barcelona

The activist who denounced a medium who abused women and trafficked babies commits suicide in Barcelona

Brazilian human rights activist Sabrina Bittencourt, who denounced the medium and religious leader, known as Joao de Deuspor for abusing hundreds of women and trafficking in babies, died at his home in Barcelona, ​​the NGO Victims United said in a statement on Sunday. .

In the note, published this Sunday in Brazil, the NGO, which is dedicated to offering support to victims of sexual assault, stated that Bittencourt committed suicide on Saturday night in Barcelona (Spain), where she lived, and left "a farewell letter telling the reasons" that led her "to take her own life".

Bittencourt, 38, was one of the main responsible for compiling and delivering to the Brazilian authorities the first denunciations against the medium Joao de Deus, today imprisoned for allegedly having sexually abused hundreds of women.

Also, the activist, who was a member of Partners of the Americas and other humanitarian agencies, denounced a few weeks ago that the religious leader maintained a network of international baby traffic, allegedly operational for about twenty years and sold to children in the United States, Europe and Australia.

On Saturday night, Bittencourt posted a message on his Facebook account, which was then erased, in which he stated that "all the evidence" and "evidence" are "delivered or will reach the right hands".

"Marielle I join you, I did what I could, as far as I could, my love will be eternal to all of you. Sorry for not holding, my children ", the activist wrote, alluding to Councilwoman Marielle Franco, shot dead last year in Rio de Janeiro.

"I return to emptiness and I leave my essence in PEACE … My friends, loved and lovers, we will meet one day! Feel my unconditional love through time and space, YES and END", Bittencourt concluded his message.

Also through Facebook, one of the three children of the activist, Grabriel Baum, said that her mother "spent the whole year" preparing "and made" more than 300 videos with all the instructions ".

"He left everything with evidence, organized, there is a packet of letters. She did not want me to be killed by gangs or cancer, "said Baum.

"My mother did it to avoid being killed," he added.

"Sabrina's struggle will never be forgotten and we will continue, with the same claw, defending minorities, mainly women who are daily victims of machismo," said the president of the NGO, Maria do Carmo Santos, and its founder, Vana Lopes, in the note.

Bittencourt suffered various sexual assaults by members of the church he frequented, which motivated him to devote his life to the support of victims of abuse and to unmask religious leaders, explained the activist herself in an article published in a Brazilian magazine.

She was also responsible for compiling and sending to the authorities of her country the first accounts of women who were allegedly abused by the medium Joao de Deus.

The medium and religious leader, 76 years old and whose real name is Joao Teixeira de Faria, he gained fame in Brazil and in the world thanks to his supposed healing abilities, his "miracles" and his "psychic surgeries".

In December, following a first dozen complaints, the authorities They collected testimonies from some 550 women Brazilians and other countries that said they had been raped or harassed by the medium, who is in preventive detention.

Last Saturday, one of the medium's children, Sandro Teixeira Oliveira, was arrested by the police accused of "coercion of witnesses" in the course of the investigations against his father.



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