The acting Judicial Power avoids a public disapproval of the president of the Supreme Court of Castilla y León for his words about Iglesias

The acting General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) will not make, at least for the moment, a public statement on the statements of the president of the Superior Court of Justice in Castilla y León, José Luis Concepción, who questioned whether it is democratic that Podemos is government. Assured that "the democracy of a country is in solfa since the Communist Party is part of the Government" —In reference to the fact that the PCE is part of the IU, a member of United We Can — after being asked if it was appropriate for Vice President Pablo Iglesias to put "in solfa" the democratic quality of Spain.

A member of the Judicial Branch asks "disciplinary measures" against the president of the Supreme Court of Castilla y León for his words about Iglesias

A member of the Judiciary requests "disciplinary measures" against the president of the Supreme Court of Castilla y León for his words about Iglesias

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The president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, has announced to the members of the Permanent Commission, meeting this Thursday, that he has transferred to the promoter of the Disciplinary Action the writings - from a member of the CGPJ and from a lawyers association - that demand "measures disciplinary "against the magistrate. It will be the promoter, Ricardo Conde, who will carry out the appropriate actions and assess whether or not the magistrate's words are worthy of sanction.

On the other hand, Lemes has communicated to the rest of the members of the Permanent Commission that in the last hours he has called Concepción by phone to ask for "measure" and "prudence" in his statements for the institutional responsibility he holds as president of the Superior Court of Justice in Castilla y León.

According to CGPJ sources, Lesmes sent him in that private conversation a message similar to the one he sent him last May, when, in the midst of the first wave of the pandemic, Concepción accused the Executive of suspending fundamental rights: "The Government is using this crisis for other matters of their interest, "he assured. Then, the president of the CGPJ reacted by sending him a letter in which he asked "prudence, measure and institutional responsibility ". But there was no public disapproval and no information file was opened, as he himself recalled in another interview.

That was not an "adjusted institutional reaction" according to Concepción Sáez, a member at the proposal of Izquierda Unida, who this Wednesday sent a letter to Lesmes in which he requested that the governing body of the judges adopt "Governmental and disciplinary measures" against Concepción. The member recalled that this was not the first time that the magistrate "exceeded" his duties and functions with opinions that "seriously compromise the democratic image and prestige of the Council and of whoever presides over it."

The other letter transferred to the promoter of the Disciplinary Action is the complaint that the Forum of lawyers and lawyers of Izquierdas-Network of Democratic lawyers and lawyers (FAI-RADE) has filed against Concepción. In that letter, the group maintains that the "reiteration" in the conduct of the magistrate should be subject to disciplinary investigation and they denounce him for two very serious and three serious offenses.

These are not the only statements by Concepción that have generated controversy. Also during the pandemic, he accused the executive of "hiding" the death toll. And previously, in October 2019, when the exhumation of Francisco Franco del Valle de los Caídos took place, he defended that this fact turned the "concord" of 1978 into "resentment".

In an interview with the North of Castilla, Concepción defined the historical memory law as "perverse" and assured that it was trying to make the person who lost the 1939 war into the "winner" of the Civil War. On this occasion, the reaction of the CGPJ it was limited to a public statement by its president, who in an interview in Onda Cero defended the legality of Franco's exhumation.

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This Tuesday, the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, shared on his social networks the fragment of the video of Concepción, enclosing his words, although with no other message than his name and position: "José Luis Concepción, president of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, February 16, 2021 ". The leader of Podemos in Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, has gone further, who has demanded the dismissal or resignation of the magistrate, since his words are "a shame and an ignominy." IU and the PCE of Castilla y León have also considered that he should be sanctioned and removed from the judicial career for questioning his presumed independence and impartiality, reports Europa Press.


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