May 17, 2021

The acting Judicial Branch reprimands CCOO for requesting the vote to the left on 4M through corporate mail

The Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) in office – the hard core of the institution made up of President Carlos Lesmes and seven other members – has reprimanded the CCOO union section in the governing body of judges for directing to the staff, through the corporate mail, a message that includes a manifesto in which the vote is requested for the left-wing parties in the next elections in the Community of Madrid. The CGPJ has been in office since December 2018, a situation that makes it maintain a conservative majority composition inherited from the stage in which the PP ruled with an absolute majority.

The members opposed to the reform that limits the Judicial Power fail in their attempt to challenge it before the Constitutional

The members opposed to the reform that limits the Judicial Power fail in their attempt to challenge it before the Constitutional

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In an agreement dated April 28, the permanent commission expresses its “most energetic rejection” of the “improper use” of the institution’s corporate mail and affirms that the content of the message is “alien” to the “duty of neutrality” that the CGPJ must “observe at all times and especially during the electoral period.” The union has criticized the “interference” of the Permanent Commission and will study the “pertinent actions” in the face of this action in case it could affect the free exercise of union action recognized in the Constitution, according to a release posted on their website.

The message – whose subject is entitled “Unitary Manifesto of the World of Work of the Community of Madrid for the vote of the left” – attaches a CCOO and UGT poster that publicizes the aforementioned manifesto and includes an extract of it in its body, in which it is stated that in the aforementioned elections “transcendental issues are at stake such as, for example, public services, basic rights and freedoms for workers, the promotion of employment, the defense of an ecological and energy transition” . “For this, it is vital the greater mobilization and our vote for progressive options of the left, feminists, defenders of the public and that include in their programs the defense and expansion of individual and collective rights,” he adds below.

CCOO affirms that the agreement of the Permanent Commission imputes to its union section in the CGPJ an improper use of the corporate mail of the institution “knowing that the account used is the one authorized for the union to communicate with the workers of this” and they recall that the unions “have their socio-political function recognized and protected by the Constitution, which extends to any matter that affects their“ economic and social interests ”and that encompasses“ everything that matters to people or that it can affect their hopes or their quality of life ”.

According to the union, the terms in which the Permanent Commission manifests “cannot but be interpreted as a dissuasive or discouraging reaction to the exercise of fundamental rights and, consequently, an act of interference, impeding or impeding the exercise of freedom of association. ”. The Permanent State maintains that this email does not comply with sections 3 and 4 of the Instruction on the use of digital devices owned by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which refers to “the use of email exclusively for the purposes of the activity professional of the institution ”.


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