May 11, 2021

The accused for the crime of Ana: "We were together; there was an approach until she was murdered" – The Province

The hearing for the crime of Ana Enjamio started this afternoon around 4 pm. After the previous issues, the prosecution began to testify. When asked by the Prosecutor, César Adrio, former partner and co-worker of the young engineer, He said that after working dinner, on December 16, 2016, he went home after feeling bad. "I was with her on arrival at dinner and then at the end, with the drinks; when the police at the police station accused me of the crime I was shocked, it seemed surreal."

The defendant, who acknowledged having taken the young woman's phone during a trip to Portugal, He admitted an intermittent relationship with the young woman, to whom he says he wrote a suicide note with this motto: "Ana, forgive me, you know I loved you so much, I couldn't stand it". "I wanted to cut my veins, yes."

To questions from the prosecutor, who stated that his story "is not the same as offered in other statements", The defendant flatly denied his involvement in the crime. "I didn't kill Ana, I have no idea. She never told me about anyone, she wasn't a scary person."

The defendant explained, according to his version, what the relationship he had with the young woman was like: "We were together since December 2015 as lovers and then since February 2016 as a couple until July of that year. On that occasion, Ana said that she preferred pause and think; I had doubts. I agreed, "said Adrio, while He recognized the young woman's approach with her lifelong boyfriend, Samuel. "She resumed friendship with him, yes, but we had a clandestine relationship."

With the intention of "antagonizing" the young, He even sent Ana's ex-boyfriend photos together but by "mistake." "I was not bothered by their relationship but it did not seem right to me that it was a parallel relationship. I wrote a message to Samuel and told him that we had a three-way situation with Ana with the intention of antagonizing them," said César Adrio.

The shoes and jacket that the defendant was supposed to wear. // Alba Villar

In the room where this crime was going on in the next week, a pair of shoes and a jacket are displayed, garments that the defendant was supposedly wearing during the dinner before Ana's crime, although he has recognized that it was not so. "The police told me that it was best to confess because they knew it was me, so I pointed to another jacket than the one I was wearing because if I had said that I had lost they would take me directly to jail. The jacket was stolen from me when I stopped barf".


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