The access with fingerprint and other WhatsApp news in this start of 2019 | Technology

The access with fingerprint and other WhatsApp news in this start of 2019 | Technology

The competition between messaging services and social networks does not leave a moment of respite. And the work of proprietary technology companies to improve their performance continues with intensity also in this beginning of 2019. Among the novelties in which it works on its test versions WhatsApp, product of Facebook, is the unlocking of the application through a fingerprint. Progress is also expected in the coming weeks stickers, icons that can represent animals or objects in a fun way, the possible implementation of a night version and improvements in the management and sending of audio files. It has also announced the introduction of advertisements in the section of the states.

WhatsApp, like many other applications, tests the new functionalities that it proposes to propose to users through beta versions, that is, unofficial versions yet. In general, the beta versions are updated with a frequency that can be up to daily. Users of this messaging service can request to join the community of people who test the news. And so learn about them in advance with respect to other customers. Of course, they have to assume the risk that the service has provisional failures in some of its parts.

For those who own an Android device, the request can be made through a link on Google Play (a possibility that has existed for a long time). In the case of Apple's operating system, iOS, being part of the community of testers (testers, in English) is somewhat more complicated. The request has to be made through the TestFlight app, but the number of users who can access the beta versions it is limited (10,000 users). Currently, requests for testers with iOS devices for WhatsApp are closed.

Some days ago was announced through the WABetaInfo website WhatsApp was testing in its beta version for Android 2.19.3 a functionality that allows access to the application after unlocking it with a fingerprint. It is a security measure that can be useful to increase the protection of conversations and files exchanged through the application. The test lasted only a few hours, but the portal had the time to take a few screenshots and publish them in an article.

In the images, it is seen how the company integrated the possibility of activating the unblocking of the service with fingerprints in the privacy section, which is entered after selecting more, adjustments and account. As this provisional functionality was defined, the system is designed to access the entire app and not individual chats. In the event that it fails, the available alternative was access through the credentials of the device.

New tests on Android devices

WhatsApp is also testing improvements in other aspects of the Android version of its app. Among the tests conducted in the first weeks of 2019, is the redesign of the function and sending audio files, as WABetaInfo has also pointed out. The idea experienced so far is to support the preview of audios and images when a sound file is sent and set a limit of 30 sendibles at a time. They are also testing further developments of the stickers, funny icons that have been incorporated into the chats and have been added to emoticons and GIF (animated clips) three months ago.

It has not yet been officially announced when it is understood to make these functionalities available to all users. The latest public update of WhatsApp for Android dates back to December 11. One of the two novelties of this version was the integration of a technology that allows you to play videos from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram within the same chat. The second was the possibility of privately answering a member of a group conversation also in the chat itself. To do this, you have to enter the group, carefully press a message, choose the most option and there look for the answer in private.

The latest news for iOS

In the case of the iOS app version, the pace of testing and updates is different. The latest implementations and public corrections of new options were on January 7 and 13. On those occasions, the individual response was implemented in a group conversation, the possibility of sending stickers when editing a photo or video and the preview of the states of the contacts of each user in the corresponding section. These developments had been tested in beta in the previous days, according to WABetaInfo.

Other possible new features that could come to light definitely throughout this year on Apple devices are access through facial recognition or fingerprint and a night mode to use the app more comfortably in low light, according to websites specialized in the novelties of this application.

Currently WhatsApp has an encryption system "from end to end", which prevents access to messages and calls by third parties or the same company. Only the sender and the recipient have access. The last novelty officially announced by the service was the introduction of stickers, last October. A few days later, the vice president of WhatsApp, Chris Daniels, announced in New Delhi a group of journalists that in the near future announcements will be introduced in the section of the states.


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