January 23, 2021

The ACB asks the Government to open the pavilions for 500 people

The Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB), which groups together the 19 clubs of the Endesa League, the first category of Spanish basketball, proposes to open the pavilions to 500 spectators in an open letter from its president, Antonio Martín, in which he assures that they have “an absolutely safe protocol” for the public’s return to the slopes.

“From the ACB we have proposed to the Government to open the matches to 500 people, the same number that the CSD (Higher Sports Council) has recommended to non-professional sports indoors, with the guarantee of our health model,” explained Martín a text entitled The necessary return of the public.

In it, Martín recalls that the ACB has shown that its priority during the coronavirus pandemic “has been, is and will be health security”, with the example of the bubble in the final phase of the 2019-20 season in Valencia or the postponements of matches in this campaign, when up to 15 matches have been changed “due to any hint of doubt about health guarantees.”

The president of the entity reported that for this health prevention device they have incorporated Dr. Luis Serratosa, who is “in permanent contact with experts.”

After the safety of the club professionals, the ACB explains in this open letter that its “second great concern” is the “gradual return of the fans”, for which they have developed an “absolutely safe” access protocol to the pavilions which takes into account all aspects, and on which the request to give access to 500 people for each pavilion is based.

“The negative impact on the economy of our clubs is considerable and the great responsibility they have shown in recent months deserves confidence for the progressive return of their fans with maximum security,” emphasized Martín.

Other events

The president of the ACB recalled that other cultural shows such as theater or concerts have “much larger permitted capacity percentages”, while professional basketball pavilions, such as professional football stadiums, are not allowed to admit spectators .

“It seems that it does not make much sense and we consider that it is necessary to do an exercise of proportionality”, remarks Martín, who considers that the fans of his nineteen clubs “deserve to return as soon as possible gradually and safely” ..


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